Dirt- "the ever changing dirt" edition

So, we’ve had a “Dirt” post drafted for awhile now and have learned the lesson that in the fast-paced world of Twilight news, you gotta post the dirt QUICK, or it becomes old news fast. For example, here is the dirt we had drafted before today:

  • Catherine Hardwicke is NOT the director for New Moon
  • Vanessa Hudgens joins the cast of New Moon
  • Rob Pattinson spotted at a bar in London
  • The rumor about Vanessa Hudgens joining New Moon is FALSE
  • Stephanie Meyers loves Stephen King
  • Rob Pattinson spotted at another bar in London
  • Stephanie Meyers no longer loves Stephen King

Seriously- who knew we’d be over all that ‘dirt’ so fast?

On to the REAL, CURRENT dirt:

  • It’s on. Who is coming with us on a Twilight Fan Trip?
  • Kim @ BuddyTV e-mailed us to tell us she got really bored at work Friday and came up with 10 ways to make New Moon awesome. First of all, love the ideas, Kim (especially #1), Secondly, KILL ME NOW that you have a job where you get paid to come up with stuff like this! I’m not consumed with jealously. Nope. Not at all.
  • A bunch of the New Moon cast left Vancouver. We know Ashley was in NYC Saturday, Kirsten was in LA, Rob was in my bed Arkansas,  and the jury is still out on where the others are.
  • When I first heard that Twilight was being made into a parody/musical, I was excited to see how it would turn out. I love well-done parody’s.  If you’re wondering if I think that part 1 of Twilight the Musical is a well-done parody, well, eavesdrop on the convo I just had with my husband and see if you can guess what I thought:

Me: I am so 2nd-hand embarrassed, yet I will continue to watch this
Husband: I am 3rd-hand embarrassed (that’s a whole new level of embarrassment)

See for yourself:

I realize this is supposed to be stupid & funny. But it’s just stupid, not funny. Sorry Twilight the Musical people. I promise we’ll post part 2, but could you make it less stupid and more funny? Thanks.

I’m kinda mad that I just wasted 6:43 of my life, so I’m not even posting anymore dirt.

Love, UnintendedChoice

  • brummielover

    Oh come on Moon, when Phil “cough, cough” says “She can’t come back” lol I don’t care who you are, that was funny right there 😉

  • brummielover

    ok sorry that was for you UC..Oh btw..I didn’t make it past Phil saying “She can’t come back” so I only wasted about 50 seconds of my life 🙂

    • lucky.. i wish i only wasted that many seconds .. i’ll never get those minutes back.. not ever

  • Charlee

    Oh UC, I am fourth hand embarrassed and my husband was sitting next to me and asked me to turn it off at 1:30. My mouse was on the pause button anyways…TERRIBLE. It was NO Hillywood show….Just saying..

  • I *love* you girls!!! you are hilarious…

  • imbranata

    that was…. ummm…. special. the girl’s wig was bugging me the entire time… and the creepy guy was unnecesary…

  • Katz

    I totally peed my pants laughing at UC asking if they could make it more funny less stupid. That alone was more funny than the entire video–which along with stupid was kinda creepy.d

  • I’m afraid to watch it after all this talk of getting those minutes back.

  • themoonisdown

    WOOOOW that chick is ALL kinds of terrible. the cactus and phil/renee stuff was funny.

    that wig is trying to compete with jacob’s for worst wig of all time.

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