Breaking down pics from the set of Eclipse

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With the total lack of any real Twi news or pictures larger than 1 inch by 1 inch, UC and I decided to do a little break down of the pictures from the Eclipse set. We speculate what scenes they could be from, how the actors prepared for the scene and what kind of mood they would have to be in. Ok, ok… you know us better than that- we get started off with how hot Rob is and then quickly devolve into some nonsense about Full House or Big Daddy’s love of McDonald’s menu items. This break down is no different! So let’s get it on!

Perfecting our waffle recipes,
Moon & UC


The one where we make a $7.00 bet
ok SOOO lets start with some hottness
UC: if i didn’t know better, i wouldn’t know that wasn’t rachelle. sorry rachelle ūüôĀ
moon: i know! totes looks like her
UC: and bryce has got a BOOTTAYYY
moon: riley likes big butts and he cannot lie
UC: so true So…. interesting about the kiss… wonder when it is
moon: so is that a wig shes wearing
UC: my guess is they probably show parts of seattle. it has to be a wig, that girl’s hair is stick straight
moon: yea im wondering about all this kiss/newborns/etc buisness since i dont remember it being HUGE in the book. i mean the movies gonna be long as ef already so then shotting all these other scenes is suprising to me but cool
UC: yeah… $7 it gets cut- please write that down somewhere
moon: noted
UC: so you don’t forget you owe me $7
moon: thats half a 2nd screening of eclipse on the following day since we’ll SO be seeing it AGAIN
UC: you could just buy me popcorn and 1/2 a drink
moon: ok we’ll share the drink diet coke and ill bring a LITTLE BOTTLE of rum. We’ll pour one out for our homie buttcrack santa. RIP
UC: i’m gonna need the booze
moon: yea im gonna need it too, calm the nerves
UC: seeing rob roll around with HER doing the leg hitch. sigh
moon: we should make sure we’re packing at the midnight showing. GOD ill be thinking MULLET the whole time. hoping the wig falls off
UC: by packing do you mean our penis’ look big?¬†cuz i don’t know what you mean
moon: yup, we’re defs stuffing our team jacob panties, so our packages scare the other bloggers, sorta like marking our territory. THIS theaters OURS bitches
UC: seriously.. take THAT “Letters to God

Follow the cut to apply for a job as a Twi-pap, learn about fish waffles and President Hamilton oh and Eclipse!

The one about Twi-paps
UC: ohhh the kiss w/ Jake- did you read that they apparently did it already.¬†lainey wrote about ‘they kiss then she punches him.’ but that’s not the GOOD kiss
moon: it was a meadow scene though and apaprently they already filmed jacob carrying her through the woods or whatever so obviously that the part before the tent scene. where are THOSE PICS, huh?!
UC: loveeee the tent scene i know!
Vancouver paps are FIRED
UC: why didn’t anyone capture that, seriously? You’re FIRED Punk’d,¬†Lainey you’re FIRED
moon: im telling you if TMZ/x17 were smart theyd hired twihards as their paps. We would have already had the rob/kstew kiss money shot, kstew wig AND the whole movie by now

UC: all they’d need to do is just buy them LUNCH and they’d do it for free, guaranteed they would’ve gotten robsten in bed. sleeping… cuz that’s all they do there, obvs
moon: exactly give them cab fair and a kodak one time use camera. Shits over!


The one where they duel with pistols
moon: is this like a Aaron Burr/President Hamilton style shoot out? Are they turning and walking 20 paces then firing their pistols?
UC: yes
moon: i totally just referenced presidential history
UC: i know, I’m in awe that’s why I’m remaining quiet
moon: American history dork of the day award!

The one were we toot our own horn


moon: so here we get to see David Slade! Who is quite clearly an extra from the lord of the rings he was frodo’s 2nd cousin in the shire party scene
UC: dude .. he is 4 feet tall
moon: dude i want to push david slades tummy like the Pillsbury dough boy. HE HE!
UC: he’s bad ass. You can tell. I’m scared of him
moon: nothing says loving like my strawberry muffin. Really? i think he TRIES to be bad ass
moon: david slade tweeted after this night “Wrapped first week, probably most challenging week of our shoot. Last night Xavier Samuels delivered as astonish power performance, all good”
UC: uhh… note to director- making out with hot chick isn’t called acting. It’s called lucky
moon: im saying if the director is this pumped it makes me stoked. kinda like chris weitz is like a one man taylor band. Toots that kids horn all day long
UC: yes!
moon: SICK!
UC: hahha SO SICK
UC: chris hansen. meet chris weitz

The one where we talk about Les Mis
moon: can we talk about this dude. First of all WHO the ef are you?!
UC: he’s from Les Miserables, right?
UC: About to break into song
moon: Clearly, he’s Jean Valjean
UC: I’m pretty sure. Yes that’s him the paps got confused
moon: this is the musical part of eclipse, David Slade really felt like it needed a little “on my own”
UC: he’s method acting- hoping to get a part in the local musical in a ‘burb of vancity. he’s the voice of Riley.. before Victoria comes along
moon: so everyone thought it was the dude who plays Rosalies fiance, which makes zero sense since he was supposed to be all high class banker dude
UC: did we hear who it really is?¬†i think it’s no one seriously. i think it’s a dude- high under a bridge
moon: or hes the rigger. Paps just thought he was some character since he had red eye in the pic then they figured out how to turn on red eye reduction and figured out it was just some union guy from Vancouver

The one where we discover Rob’s ‘Edward Time Machine
UC: it’s magic,¬†the magic trailer.¬†Insert a Rob out comes an Edward
moon: the edward machine
UC: I wish i had that machine. do you think you can insert anything? insert my cat- out comes edward
moon: insert the gardner (who’s here right now mowing the freaking lawn SO LOUD) and out comes an Edward. SOLD!
moon: i love that Rob hasn’t changed clothes since comic con.
UC: Seriously, has not changed. OR he’s trying to trick¬†us. He knew those ‘comic-con’ preview pics were released again and thought… “i’ll wear the same shirt” it’ll confuse them “they’ll think it’s the same day”and not know that i’m in vancity will think i’m in san diego
moon: Then they’ll all book flights for San Diego immediately and then ill be free to go back to that church and get drunk and play air guitar up here again
UC: poor Rob…can’t even play the air guitar
moon: sadly it didnt work

The one where the Robby-guard challenges Big Daddy to a Waffle-off

UC: he borrowed my jean jacket for this scene. It’s just a teeeeny bit too short but still hot
UC: I love Mr. Amourall
moon: Uh, you mean under armor?
UC: haha yes hahahahaha ARMOURALL. You clean cars with that!
moon: i love his dad jeans and his oakleys. ROB WHO?!
UC: seriously, this guy is giving big daddy Lautner a run for his money as my fav older, larger guy
moon: yup, big daddys gonna have to make an appearance soon if he wants to keep his title “best bigger non cast member who’s a male on eclipse”
UC: What do you think Under Armour Oakley man eats? Beef i bet. Lots and lots of beef
moon: well obviously he’s at the craft services table like 23 hrs a day when robs filming. He’s way into the oreos
UC: and shrimp cocktail
moon: mrs fields cookies
UC: drinks hot chocolate
moon: He loves the make-your-own-waffle station. He’s really good at that. He invented the peanut butter banana explosion waffle. Big Daddy was PISSED
UC: Big Daddy’s working on his own concoction though, it’s a fish filet stuffed waffle with blueberries and cream on top gotta have the fish for breakfast
moon: deep fried, of course and covered in tartar sauce and syrup
UC: the whole food pyramid.. in one meal
UC: the worst part is I heard thad Under Oakley was flirting with big daddy’s wife/mama lautner trying to impress her with his latest waffle creation
moon: OHH not cool to hit on mama yogurt parfait. So Big Daddy challenged Mr. Oakley Under Armor to a waffle-off. May the best older larger guy win!

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