Letters to Twilight in 10 words or less

Dear LTT-ers,

Just the other day I was talking to UC about how I wished I could just post two word letters or even three (go for the gold Moon!) because sometimes less is more especially when you see shiz like this:

Rob and Kristen spotted shopping in VINTAGE store

Rob and Kristen spotted shopping in VINTAGE store

Dear Rob and Kristen,

Be less predictable.

Love your pal,

So I decided to summarize the following Twi-news, pictures and what have you in 10 words of less… can I do it and still be semi funny? Will you love me when I fail miserably?

Let’s see shall we?

Your faithful servant,

Take the cut to see if I can do it!

Rob and Taylor face off at the boxoffice on the same day

Rob and Taylor face off at the boxoffice on the same day

Dear News Outlets in desperate need of a story that pits Team Edward and Team Jacob against each other,

No deciding needed: double feature!


[ News: Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner’s cinematic showdown, where will you be? ]

Music to wear your banana suit to

Music to wear your banana suit to

Dear 100 Monkeys who are giving away 2 free tickets to their next show,

Do not want to sweat or listen to your music.

100 Moon-keys (see what I did there?)

[ News ]

Dear Ben,

You sound like John Denver.


[ News: 30 second clip of Meet Me on the Equinox leaks ]

cover art @ newmoonthesoundtrack.com

cover art @ newmoonthesoundtrack.com

Dear whoever runs the New Moon soundtrack website,

You should probs run the official site too! Listening Summit?

A billion smooches,


Death Cab for Jacob

Dear Chris Walla of Death Cab,

I think I’m in love, you called Edward an “A-hole.”

I will follow you into the dark,


Whatdaya think? Did it work? What news did we miss? I also just figured out that 10 words or less thing would have fit into our week of 10’s also but it is now the week of 9’s. Oh well.

Rob and long hair? Over to LTR you go!
Can you speak in 10 word sentences in the forum today?

Sources: The interwebs, our trusty readers, Robsessed, Twicrack, New Moon Movie. Where else do you go for news? DUH!

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