New Moon Premiere – UC and Moon see cast, crew and Dick!

Dear New Moon,

We came (ahem), we sorta saw, we maybe conquered!

Since we didn’t camp out like the faithful Twihard fans we knew it would be a crap shoot showing up to the premiere in Westwood with a gaggle of girls, but UC needed to at least get a glimpse of Rob to make sure this last year wasn’t just a crazy psycho dream and these people that we talk about every day actually existed and since this we be my um.. forth time seeing Rob I was more than happe to give it a go! So we hauled booty over to where the entire fandom seemed to be converging. On our way we heard both KOL’s Sex on Fire and Miley Cyrus’ Party In the USA and knew it was an omen for good things ahead. Once we parked and headed towards the madness we saw Mr. Kaleb Nation aka The Twilight Guy headed in search of more glitter paint or maybe it was a restroom but we flagged him down and finally met someone we had been Twitter stalking for the last month. Another omen.

After that we pushed our way up to the barricade and ended up right across the street from the theater and the end of platform where the radio DJ guy was interviewing everyone as they showed up. We were also conveniently located next to at least two sets of crazy protesters. Why they thought the NM premiere was the optimal place for their protest posters and high pitched screaming, I’ll never know.

So here’s pretty much what happened…

We showed up to the premiere…

Look who was happy to see us!

Ok… ok… just kidding! I mean they were happy to see us they just didn’t know it.

Some lovely gal took our picture… right as a news van drove by and cut out the theater in the back ground! Thanks.

We were surrounded by crazy, loud, cool, and some totally awful fans…

obviously Rosalie Cullen got lost and ended up near the theater with her red wig

Robsten lives… in this 12yr olds heart

Follow the cut for a TON of pictures and video and crazy protesters and hot Rob and us!

For some reason this woman decided to show up and annoy the HALE out of every person in a 3 block vicinity of her chimpanzee scream. Everyone yelled at her to STFU but she wouldn’t so being the good bloggers that we are we gave her what she wanted: ATTENTION!

Now I’m all for ending the war in Iraq and bringing home troops but let’s choose the correct forum to talk about this in, NOT the NM premiere were you scream bloody murder every 5 seconds. Sadly, she wouldn’t scream on camera for us so we decided to make her famous instead.

Finally the stars began to arrive

Gil Birmingham arrives with his lucious locks and what first appears to be a gold lame dinner jacket under those whacky lights. We later find out it’s just a leather jacket with some horses on it. HIGH FASHUN!

Kellan, ever the Twilover that he is showed us some love by coming over to hear us scream his name sign autographs and show us love. Too bad we couldn’t do a prom pose picture, that stupid barricade and a couple twihards were in my way

Jackson making us all weep over his gross mid 90s wanna-be grunge black dyed hair, pilgrims pride look while Ashley SHUTS IT DOWN in a KILLER read dress (arguably the best of the night) and a proper weave. Oh and Kellan looked good as always

Rob showed up and I would post the video but that would be wasting everyone’s time as it’s mostly a shot of the backs of the peoples heads in front of me since everyone surged forward as if moving a millimeter would get them closer to his holy presence. PUH-LEASE you’d be closer if you sniffed a dry bottle of Heineken.

WTF?! This isn’t the liquor store! Who are all these people?

Heh, heh! Gotcha! I totes knew we were at the premiere all along

Rob then made us love him even more when asked by the radio DJ/premiere host/interviewer guy (techinical name) what he wanted to say to the people who had been camping out for days and he said “You are all insane!” Oh Rob, we love you more and more each day.

Taylor showed up and it was much the same but Team Jacob was in full effect and started a crowd chat just for him…

Sadly, Big Daddy was nowhere to be found. We were heart broken. He must have been next door at McDee’s picking up a couple filet-o-fishes to go since fried cod goes better with a movie than a bucket of popcorn does. #TRUTH

Movie Premiere Ken and Barbie show up… I mean Taylor doing his best Madmen impression while KStew did her best hair styling victim in a wind tunnel look…

Near the end of the evening we noticed another set of protesters…

Awhile back we tweeted about receiving an email from a people’s communist party and how Communism related to Twilight and well what do you know, they decided to show up to the premiere too! Too bad they weren’t being loud and annoying we could have made them web-lebrities too!

Some other stuff happened… they all went inside. The Britpack was there, Tom Stu got detained at the door but finally let in, most of the stars stopped to talk to a couple specially abled folks near the entrance with Rob taking a good amount of time to pose for picture and talk with them! All together now: AWWWWWWWWW!

Tweeting is for winners… and everyone we knew! Ubertwitter/twitterberry and every other twitter client was FAIL! We overloaded the circuits with our brand of hilarity

Camera batteries are dead, phones are dead, our feet are dead, we need a diet coke get us OUTTA HERE!

Oh hey there Jared Followill from Kings of Leon with Ashley Greene! Go on with your bad self!

We cruised next door to grab something to eat and drink cause we were famished and as it turns out the restaurant had a great view of all the limos pulling up to take the stars from the premiere to the after party. So we ended up getting to see Nikki Reed (by herself), Ashley Greene and posse including date Jared Followill (yes, THAT Jared Followill, Kings of Leon Jared FOllowill. Lucky biotch!), Stephenie Meyer (whom UC and I missed be a nano second. She was the one person I wanted to see above all), and Rob who ran out by himself. As we walked next door to meet up with some of our posse who should talk out but none other than Dick and Clare Pattinson and family! They might seriously have been one of the highlights of our night. But I would have jumped a barricade to meet Big Daddy though, NO LIE!

SOMEDAY!!! we will meet this woman... SOMEDAY!

After that we were tuckered out but not before making a few loops at the after party to see if it was worth trying to crash. We heard there were real live caged Wolves in there so instead of sticking around to see who would get mauled (Hint: Dakota’s little sister) we sped off in search of high speed interwebs and a cozy bed with an Edward pillow.

Bottom line: No Buttcrack Santa, no Cathy Hardwicke and no Solomon Trimble bum rushing the barricades. FAIL. But we had an amazing night seeing the world premiere red carpet event for New Moon, being with our awesome sauce readers, meeting up with fellow bloggers, hearing first hand accounts of the movie from Jen at MyRobPattinson (her videos are amazing! Get ready!), and generally just soaking it all in.

We’ll keep you updated here as we get more stuff uploaded, linked, figured out but for now it’s almost 4 am and I’m a tired Moon so I’ll leave you with this for now!

Meant 2 Bee 😉

PS don’t miss UC’s letter to Rob about losing her virginity! For serious.

Want more rad pics from the event? Head to Socialite Life. That’s where that amazeballs Mike/Justin pic came from

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