The Best of Twilight in 2009! Part 2

Dear LTT-ers and Twihards,

Yesterday, we started our Best of Twilight in 2009 list cause well, who doesn’t love those end-of-the year lists? I know I do. Were you worried we’d miss some of your best of 2009’s in the Twi-dom? Well, have no fear cause we’re back to finish out the list…

Review 10-6 in our countdown of the Best of Twilight in 2009…

10. Oscars
09. Britpack
08. HB/Vanity fair
07. Vancouver
06. Remember Me

Now let's really make every Twilight fan faint as if shirtless Tay wasn't enough

05. MTV Music Video Awards – May 31st 2009 will live in infamy for many reasons. Not only were we treated to the very first mini trailer for New Moon in which we got to see Jacob with his shirt off, Jacob looking hot and Jacob fursploding for the very first time then we got to see Kristen pull a Bella and drop her award on the ground but Rob and Kristen won best kiss. And oh how the fandom died a little inside when they faked us all out with their cockblock of a kiss. Of course this spiraled out of control and took the whole “are they or aren’t they”/Robsten vs Nonsten speculation to  meteoric levels. Oh and UC and Moon got the honor of live blogging the event for almost 50,000 folks with our fave blogger pals New Moon Movie, Twicrack Addict and Lauren’s Bite.

So I was like grrrrrrrl just wait till he takes off that cream colored sweater to reveal that sleeveless button up... HMMM MMMM

04. Stephenie Meyer mentions LTTThe day Stephenie Meyer wrote her blog recounting her summer vacation will remain one of the best days in all of LTT history and one of the best moments of 2009 (and maybe in my life). Hidden amidst stories of her summer reading list and music she was currently listening to was a short blip about websites she had recently found where she cryptically mentioned adding “LTT” to her “stalk list” and thanked us for the “laugh lines.” At that moment we knew Stephenie “got it.” She got that we loved her stories, her characters and HER but that we also loved all funny little things too. Our work and time and obsession was worth it because the author of the books we were so in love with had apparently read us AND liked us enough to mention us on her site and add us to some sort of “stalk list.” Which I can only imagine is magically stored some place between the phone number for Robert Pattinson and the finished manuscript for Midnight Sun along with the outlines for post Breaking Dawn saga additions and the Alice and Jasper backstory. *crosses fingers and adds this to my prayer request list*

What will make the top three best of Twilight 2009 list? Follow the cut to see!

RT, @, <<>>, tiny url, I HATE YOU, all useful terms when using twitter

03. Twitter – What’s the quickest way to make an enemy and meet your BFF? Get a Twitter account. This was THE place for any Twilight fan with an internet or mobile web connection to be for the latest news, gossip, sightings and “Cullen smiles.” Late to the game but welcomed with opened arms and a tutorial was @twilight: The official Twilight twitter account was born only 10+ months AFTER the original movie released. Twitter was also where David Slade (and his fan-damn-tastic set photos), the “fakers,” and the holy trinity of dilfs (Billy, Gil and Peter) found a home. This was also the place that made it easy for haters to trash talk you on a public forum without ever having to say anything to your face. Twitter was like returning to Junior High all over again but we loved every minute of it and loved our 5000+ followers, our bitchin’ blogger friends and were we figured out it might be smart to carry a shank with us to Britpack concerts in the future. Are you following us?!

Yup, who knew?!

02. Taylor Lautner – I’m just gonna say it: 2009 was the year of the werewolf. Sorry Rob but 2009 was the year we found out Taylor Lautner would reprise his role as Jacob Black and go from that dorky kid with like 3 lines in Twilight and one of the worst wigs in cinematic history to become a hot piece of man meat that was a force to be reckoned with. New Moon was the story of Jacob and Bella and Taylor showed us what Team Jacob was really all about while making us forget about the vampire guy. Oh and because we contemplated the idea of moving to a state where the legal age of consent was 17 and thus we would not have to fear the ever watchful eye of Chris Hansen earns Taylor Lautner the number 2 spot. Because of his tender young age, in 2009, we were also introduced to his traveling companion and father: Big Daddy. Big Daddy became one of LTT’s favorite “characters” and remains one of the people Moon and UC most want to meet.

November 20, where were you?!

01. New Moon – Really, could the number one thing on the Best of Twilight 2009 list be ANYTHING but New Moon? New Moon gave us Jorts. New Moon gave us Chris Weitz (our dilf divine). New Moon gave us the Wolfpack. New Moon gave us “Let’s Do This!” New Moon gave us FacePunch! New Moon gave us Shirtless Edward. New Moon gave us Shirtless Jacob. New Moon gave us pretty much everything we had every dared to ask for in the film adaptation of the saddest, most bittersweet, loveliest, teariest, sweetest, most Jacob-iest book of the saga and we couldn’t have asked for a better moment in 2009.

So we’ve reached the end? Did your “best of” match our “best of?” What did we miss? Besides Buttcrack Santa and Yorkie and the copstache? What do you think will be the best of 2010?

Counting down the days…

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