News on Breaking Dawn Production aka NO news on Breaking Dawn Production!

Dear Twilight and well, Breaking Dawn I suppose…

Today two posts came out referencing news behind the production of Breaking Dawn. While a few months ago we all thought making BD was a foregone conclusion and Summit was just waiting for New Moon to shatter box office records to make it official it’s been almost a month and a half since New Moon’s release and still no announcement. Since news on the twi front has been about as sparse as smiles at a KStew photoshoot, so any sort of news to come out will indefinitely make waves. But after reading both posts from the bitchtastic Ted C and a dude in his mom’s basement in North East Philly we learn… exactly… NOTHING. Why yes, it’s like a Robsten rumor… a lot of drama, a lot of words, a lot of retweets, a lot of “maybe’s” but no actual substance or truth. Someone at the LA Times spoke with producer Wyck Godrey and got this bit of totally evasive information regarding the splitting of BD into two films  “…If it’s not organic, I don’t think it will be done, and if it is, it will be…” Wow, heavy.

Breaking Dawn = tons more creepy images made by fans!

So we still don’t know if it will be made into two films (please say yes), whether Summit will hire geneticists to create a human vampire hybrid in their lair of doom (aka studio offices in Santa Monica) to play Renesmee, whether Taylor Lautner will in fact act out imprinting on a newborn baby, if Nikki Reed and KStew can patch up their differences long enough to play convincing as frenemies on screen, will Jacob and Leah spend 3/4ths of the movie running around the perimeter of the Cullen’s house “on patrol” thus reenacting the most boring parts of BD, will there be a behind the scene documentary on the making of Isle Esme which features all the “fade to black” scenes they cut out?

Sooooo many questions and ZERO answers.

Find out what we DO know about Breaking Dawn after the jump

Here is what we do know…

Burn candles around babies in Breaking Dawn!

  • Breaking Dawn is indeed the last book in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga
  • They MAY (or may not) make a film version of Breaking Dawn
  • They may (or may not) break up this final installment into TWO movies
  • Chris Weitz will NOT be directing BD. He will instead be designing his own fashion line. Spoiler alert: the line is ONLY pairs of orange pants
  • Robert, Kristen and Taylor will probably be in the film version
  • It might shoot in the fall of 2010 in Vancouver… or it may move back to Oregon
  • The Britpack and the 100 Monkeys will probably play shows at some poor unsuspecting bars while filming in Vancouver OR Oregon
  • Renesmee will creep us out as either a real child played by a “little person” or will be a weird cgi cartoon baby

I would die of 2nd hand embarassement if I was KStew

  • A bunch of rando’s will be cast as the “witness” vampires and will inevitably be interviewed by Entertainment Tonight about the chemistry of Robsten on set instead of their actual part
  • Creepy fans on the internet will make totally gross and embarrassing photo manipulations (like the ones seen in this post) and fan videos to accompany any images that come from the BD set
  • The Cullens will still be vampires
  • The wolfpack will still wear Jorts
  • Bella will still blink and probably wear a lot of plaid

and lastly… we know this for certain:

  • They’re NOT bears!

If I was placing bets I would say that since Summit likes to save a buck, filming will return to Vancouver (unless Portland wants to give them a tax break), BD will be split into two films (more money, only one shoot), and Robsten will be but a distant memory at that point.

Waiting for some real news,
So what do you think of the non-news? Where will Breaking Dawn end up filming? Do you want it split into two films or keep it as one? How do you think Taylor will act out the imprinting on Renesmee?

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