Twilosophy: Eclipse vs. New Moon

TwilosophyDear Twilosophy class,

Remember Eclipse? That movie that came out in June? And then was re-released this weekend to “celebrate” Bella’s birthday- aka Summit was disappointed with their box office results because they expected to blow New Moon out of the water and they didn’t? Oh yeah….. That movie.

I’ve been thinking about Eclipse a lot lately. Well, since I heard about the re-released in theaters for Bella’s birthday. I considered going to see it again. By “considered” I mean I laid in bed with my phone right after reading the news in my email & thought, “Maybe I should go” before falling back to sleep, never considering it again.

There’s been some talk around town (aka this 1 blog I read) about why Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 are releasing a year apart. And I think it’s pretty obvious: There was a year between Twilight & New Moon. And New Moon kicked ASSSSSSSSSS money-wise. When Eclipse came out 7 months later? The opening weekend was down almost HALF (and kids were out of school!) and while it hasn’t been out as long as New Moon, it hasn’t grossed as much. And it probably should have grossed more seeing as the popularity of the saga has only grown. Not that $672,498,560 world-wide gross is a bad thing. I mean I’d take that if I had to.

But the lack of Eclipse “success” makes me feel either worse or better about what I’m about to confess.  I am part of the reason for Eclipse not doing as well as New Moon. Yes, dear LTT readers, I only saw Eclipse two times. I feel bad because because of me, they lost $42.00 ($10.50 x 4). My waist is happy because I consumed 2,520 less calories in the form of popcorn (630 x 4- that’s for real. for a SMALL. I looked it up. BLOG RESEARCH RULES!) But I also feel good because it wasn’t just me who saw Eclipse less. Obviously due to the smaller numbers, the fandom overall did too.

I got thinking about why I didn’t see Eclipse 4 times like I did Twilight and 6 times like I did New Moon. This is what I came up with:

My Kung Fu isn't as strong as I let you think...

Harry Clearwater’s Kung Fu really isn’t that strong

And what I mean is…. the jokes weren’t as funny. Sure, sure – that’s a good thing for Mel Mel Rosenburg who finally wrote a semi not 2nd-hand embarrassing script, but it’s a sad thing for my funny bone- and for yours. I mean- you know what I’m talking about. How many times can we make Mike Newton fat jokes & talk about Charlie Swan’s obvious new-found virginity? If I make one more crack about the eyebrows in this film I think someone might murder me.

There’s such a thing as too much Rob

GASP! I know! I said it. And I don’t really mean it. I could never have too much of that Motha Truckn’ Brit, but it is possible that the Twilight saga, the actors & the story were just too overexposed. Despite the fact that we HATE waiting for the next installment in our beloved story, maybe not waiting as long means we’re not as engaged. We went from New Moon filming to Remember Me filming to movies about Mullets & lesbians to Eclipse filming to NEW MOON then LET DOWN after New Moon then Bel Ami, whatever teen drama/chick flick Taylor filmed once or twice and then ANTICIPATION of Eclipse then finally, ECLIPSE!

The Leg Hitch really wasn’t that good

But when I re-read Eclipse & read that scene, it’s good once again. Why? Because in the book it’s the Bella & Edward of my mind- before I knew who the actors playing them were. And, well, if I’m honest, I’m Bella. And Edward is leg hitching ME. When I watch the scene in the movie, it’s so glaringly obvious that Rob Pattinson aka Edward Cullen is not Leg Hitching ME. Sadface.

You call this boring!?

The minute Tay-Tay turned 18, he got boring

It’s not funny to joke about Chris Hansen anymore- unless we talk about Boo-Boo Stewart and that’s just BLEH. I wish Taylor was forever 17! He was so much more interesting then. At least not be legally allowed to like him gave me a reason to try. And now that I could jump his bones all I want if I had a desire (bleh), I have no interest. So love triangle between Edward, Bella & Taylor Lautner? No thanks.

That’s all I can come up with. And I know I’m not alone. Moon is worse than me- she saw Eclipse 1 and 3/4 times (missed the first bit of her second showing!) and obviously someone else hasn’t seen Eclipse as much as they did New Moon since the box office numbers don’t lie. What is it!? Why is a movie that was so obviously better made, and not to mention my favorite book, so much less desirable than the others?

Andddd Discuss!


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  • Twi Mom(not like on O)

    I think that it is a bit of several things that have been mentioned above

    1st- It came out so soon after NM that everyone was over loaded and anyone that might have been an iffy fan that just wanted to see a movie may have felt like it was too hyped and did not want to mess with it. As much as I hate waiting for BD 1&2 I think it will end up being better for everyone, some cool down time

    2nd- For me personally I love watching these movies with my sisters and making fun of them and, well, there just weren’t as many 2nd hand moments in E. Yes Jasper’s wig gets worse each movie but thats is such an old joke now. We have come to expect them to go away from the books and when they do it will be craptastic and hilar.

    3rd- This kind of fits with my 1st comment but most of the cast has been way over exposed in the past year. I think that some people are just sick of it all. I mentioned this while back. Everytime they pick an actor for some tiny 3 sec role there are 12 press releases. Heidi anyone!!. I think this is a detriment to the movies. Just wait and release a long list at one time!! Anyone who really cares will look on IMDB.

    4th- (I am gonna have to stop before I go full on Tweed!!) I think that the new romance is the big hook of Twi. I read them all for the full story but Twi is still the best book to me. But I really hate reading about Edwards side of things in the crappy book that should never be finished.

    I think I am done!!

    • The Old One

      Agree with your point #2, that they should not underestimate the draw of cheesy humor and snark, and not try to make BD so serious. Hardwicke and Weitz understood that the movies could parody themselves a little, because really, who can take the subject matter that seriously, but D. Slade made his movie little self-important.
      I think a lot of people feel a little guilty enjoying the Twi-phenomenon that much, so if they can laugh at it and themselves a little, they can relax and enjoy it once or fifteen times.

    • Rachael

      Hear, hear on #4… I don’t think anything should be written in Edward’s point of view. Ever. It would be just *horrible.* Are you listening SMeyer? Don’t do it.

      • Twi Mom(not like on O)

        We got down thumbed!!! 🙁 That ok I wont be mean about it. I am guessing it is someone who doesn’t know that reverse psychology works on SM.

        • MC

          @ Twi Mom(not like on O): When I first saw that you gals got thumbed-down I couldn’t believe it, but then it also dawned on me that it must have been someone who doesn’t realize that when we all say how much we hate that book & hope that SM never finishes that piece of trash….we do it with a (wink, wink!)
          Don’t feel bad, most of us know exactly what you meant…keep smilin’ ’cause I thought your comment above was great!

        • Rachael

          *peaks her head back in* Did the reverse psychology work? Has she started writing again? Or did I make her cry? Maybe it was Steph who gave the thumbs down. Oh dear. *chews her nails*

  • Batty_old_pug_lady

    Soo true, I think it has something to do with the accessibility of the fandom these days. I mean before New Moon the twifandom was just NOT as huge as it is now, so maybe people are losing interest? Or maybe they are getting their twi fix from other sources than just the movies?

  • tuesdaymidnight

    This is an interesting question you pose. I’ve been wondering about this, too, but for the reverse reason. Though, I do think all the reasons above are probably accurate.

    However, I’ve still only seen New Moon twice (only once in the theater). Of course, I only saw Eclipse three times (and one of those times I may or may not have been drinking…), but the truth of the matter is that I just liked Eclipse better.

    I’ve considered the fact that the longer I go without looking at the books, the less likely I am to be completely disappointed by the movies. I also thought the acting was better in Eclipse. I almost bought Kristen and Rob as Bella and Edward. (Oooh, downthumb away.)

    Honestly though, this is all just lip service. The real reason I saw Eclipse more is because of Jasper’s screen time, and I’m only mildly ashamed to admit it.

    • toooldforthis

      I’ll thumbs up you to counteract the thumbs down 😉

      I thought Eclipse was slightly better than NM. I was bored with both of them, but at least in Eclipse I had more Rob to stare at while I was bored.

  • toooldforthis

    I’ve been trying to answer this question for a while. I have no desire to watch Eclipse OR New Moon.

    But for some reason, when I see Twilight playing on Showtime (which is does practically every day), I can’t help but turn it on and watch it. Every time.

    Why do I love Twilight, a poorly made low-budget film, but the higher budget movies like NM and EC hold no interest for me?

    It could be Edward’s bouffant or his peacoat. Or maybe it was Buttcrack Santa that was the key to a successful movie.

    Whatever it is, I will always love you Twilight.
    I can’t quit you!

    • Michelle

      Too Old…wow. I’m with you. Oh, I saw my fair share of NM (4x) and Eclipse (4x) in theatres…by the 3rd time I was mostly bored and there to stare at Robward.


      SO lame and cheesy yet…I could watch it a bazillion times and get sucked in EVERY TIME.

      For me…it IS the peacoat and bouffant. LOL. Yum.

    • Midnight_Cyn

      TOFT: I TOO watch Twilight EVERYDAY, have it taped from Showtime and it NEVER disapoints! Maybe because it holds such meaning for me? Maybe because I can NEVER get enough of Eddie’s bedroom eyes? Or is it just because it IS the reason we (me) fell in love with the characters to begin with? no matter how much fun we make of the movie? Its like when you first meet someone you have always wanted to meet and you experience that “special feeling” after that subsequent meetings just don’t have the same effect..I know I am not explaining this well, but I as I watch NM and wait to watch Eclipse, I love seeing Eddie/Bella and the rest but it just doesn’t feel the same or “as good” as watching them come together in Twilight..the moment Edward first walks in that cafe still makes me swoon..EVERYTIME…maybe I need more coffee/sleep/less stress to make sense 🙂 Nah…it’s just me lol…

      • kristen’s bestie

        I totes agree! I have seen Twilight a bazillion times. Saw it at least 7-8 in the theater. I only saw NM and Eclipse 2 or 3 times. I watched the Twilight DVD over and over but NM – only a few times. I just love Twilight and I agree that it is because it is what made me fall in love with the books. It was about Bella and Edward meeting and discovering each other. And yes, when Eddie walks in the lunchroom – Rworrrr!

        • Edward walking into cafeteria = Best Scene Ever.

          Maybe because we have all BEEN THERE when the Unattainable Hot Guy walks into the cafeteria (or Spanish class or whatever) and your whole world stops. For me, 20 years ago (I am so oooold) it was a super hot kid named Billy (who, I have discovered since then, is apparently into dudes, which explains a LOT).

          Anyway, maybe that’s why so many people like Twilight better than NM and Eclipse. Who doesn’t love the first blush of heart-thudding romance? I mean, I may be alone in this, but I think that first kiss in the bedroom when he says “I just want to try one thing” will still be hotter than if they do Isle of Esme Cinemax-style.

          Go ahead, thumbs down that last bit – I can take it. 🙂

          • toooldforthis

            Love your name!

            I’ve always said that bedroom kiss scene is the hottest in the series so far. Hotter than the leg hitch. Hotter than the grunt/moan kiss in front of the truck. Even hotter than when they were sort of making out in the opening meadow scene of EC.

            Plus, after he jumps off of her, he turns around and gives her that look. You know what look I’m talking about. I admit that I sometimes (okay, every time) pause it on that look for a few minutes. 😉

          • Stacey

            I agree with both of you! That cafeteria and then the kissing scene made this girl buy the books. They were so good!

          • Michelle

            Agreed on the Twi-Bedroom-Kiss. BEST movie kiss EVER. You could FEEL the emotions…and they are GOOD. LOL.

            Sometimes, less IS more. 😉

          • The Old One

            ITA! The attraction, the shyness, the hesitation, the hotness!

    • OMG I agree with ALL of you @Michelle, kristen’s bestie, no cool name, TOFT and Stacey! I can never get tired of watching Twilight! Even though all the silly parts make me laugh more than a comedy film does (hehe), the romantic parts make me swoon like a 13 year old girl! YES the Eddie cafeteria walk (speaking of walks, the NM one wasn’t half bad. See my name!), the bedroom scene and basically every other B/E scene. Every time I see him say “I just wanna try one thing” with that sexy half smirk, my heart stops and I stop breathing when they lean towards each other slooowwwly. There’s so much raw sexual energy in that scene than any other movie love scenes.

      Oh and @toooldforthis I know what look you are talking about. It’s the one where he faces her after saying “I can’t ever lose control with you” and stares at her through those bedroom eyes that just begs you to invite him back to bed…..*drool*

      • kristen’s bestie

        OMG! Yes, NM parking lot walk was to die for! *runs home to watch NM again*

        • suzyb49

          my ringtone is still “Monsters” the song that plays while he slow mo’s across the parking lot in New Moon. Everytime I hear it I get this big dopey grin!

    • Luludee

      I’m just going to throw this out there:

      Is it possible that the Twilight kiss scene is the best (and I agree it is) because the chemistry between Robsten was new and fresh too? Art imitating life?

      Just a thought.

      • The Old One

        Way to throw down the Robsten glove, Luludee! Let’s see if you have any takers.

      • kristen’s bestie

        I say it was all Rob baby! All Rob! Kristen who?

  • Katytx77

    Yes- I only saw it twice myself. The new Victoria didn’t have the “wicked curve ball” that was needed. The only thing that Eclipse had over New Moon was the bathroom break. You know the campfire story time at the reservation part? I fell asleep during that part of my Eclipse reread so I figured that was the part of the movie I could miss.

    • GeminiGypsy

      oh no! but then you missed the cute Seth action 🙂 It was like watching a fun little brother I never had, and everybody wanted to take him home with them 😛

    • an’yergroundedfertherestofyerlife

      The “wicked curve ball” was definitely missing. Got to where I didn’t even want to watch was Victoria was doing (not that having to instead look at Riley was all that much torture!)

    • TwilightedForever

      You thought the campfire scene was the bathroom break? Now you’ve insulted the Quileutes. The real bathroom break was Rosalie’s backstory — snoozer! Or rather, it became a snoozer after the 6th or 7th time watching it. But you gotta love the campfire scene for honoring the Quileute legends AND for watching Jacob’s sweet looks at Bella.

  • Thesabstar1

    I didn’t like the cheesiness of SEEING the vampires shatter etc especially with Victoria – the killing & burning of James in Twi was much more effective! Sometimes I don’t think the bigger budget helps if it just means tacky effects.

  • New Moon was my favourite book, but now whenever I watch it, I watch the first 20min right until the break-up, skip the next 1 hour and watch the remaining 40 min in the end from the Italy part. When I was reading the book, I was more invested in the story. I actually liked friend-Jake (not to be confused with creepy mouth raping Jake in Eclipse. No offense wolf girls!) While reading NM, I wanted that Jake as my BFF. Maybe Taylor’s wig just turns me off. Maybe his abs turn me off. Dunno.

    I get why Eclipse is almost everyone’s favourite book. It had more story in it, whereas NM was just a bridge between Twi and Eclipse. A medium to develop characters from the wolf pack and the Volturi and also to prove that our forbidden lovers were literally about to end up dead without each other. All these reasons were why I was sooo looking forward to NM. And like you mentioned, it also came out a YEAR after Twi so the waiting was bordering on being almost painful!

    That being said, I really enjoyed Eclipse as well. Obviously it has more Robward and the best part is he has almost zero cheesy lines! Mel, you have a reason to congratulate yourself! (’cause there’s no way we’re gonna do that ourselves ;))

    Can you tell where I am going with all my deep research? Good, me neither 😉

  • Bea

    I was actually thinking about this as it relates to Breaking Dawn the other night… Kristen’s wig aside, Eclipse is generally a better movie… so it’s not nearly as fun. It’s basically impossible to make a movie that I’m going to love like the books for that leg-hitchy reason you talk about, UC. So I need one that’s funny. And honestly, it kind of makes me wish that they’d given the helm of BD back to Cougar Cathi because then I’d be guaranteed giggles. And since I’m a closet fan I wouldn’t have to try to explain it to other people. I’m a little worried that Mr. Oscar Winner will make a totally respectable film and we’ll have nothing to mock.

  • fangbanger

    I think you’re right, there wasn’t a big enough break between films.

    I only saw Eclipse once in theater. But I only see every movie once in theater. I’m not made of $$ over here.

    I realllllllllllly want Eclipse on dvd so I can watch it as much as my little heart desires. New Moon is… blech for me after seeing Eclipse. (Too much Taylor and his per.fect. enunciation. Ugh.)

    • TwilightedForever

      I will take Taylor’s enunciation over Rob’s slurring any day! There are parts of Twilight when you actually need to turn on the captions just so you can understand what Rob is saying. Oh and don’t get me started on Kristen in Eclipse! She slurred “Alice’s vision” line so badly, they had to go back and redub it! Thank goodness Taylor knows how to enunciate his lines (and adds incredible seksi-ness to them as well!). But that’s what you get with a past as a voice-actor.

  • Well I’ve only seen NM and Eclipse once but I’ve never been a fan anyways.
    I thought the leghitch & co was MEH!!! And I haven’t read the book so it’s not because it was better, more personal…. in my imagination. No, it was just MEH, I didn’t see any smex there. Maybe the script/filming was not that good, but they (K and Rob) were definitely bad.

    On the other hand, no matter what age TayTay is, he will always have Big Daddy and that’s a sure value for fun.

    • You’ve never read the book???!!! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…just surprised.)

      • Nope. #notnormal? I read a couple of pages on the interwebs, a lot of “beautiful” and “sighs” were involved, had a few laughs then closed the window. Not my kind of readings. Idem for the movies, can’t think of much I liked except maybe a couple of Robward instants, though I’d be incapable of citing one now if you asked me. That’s how much I was impressed. Also probably the worst acting ever seen (not counting 90s French teeny series, that’s beyond embarassement).

        What I lurve about the whole thing is Rob and the whole LTR/LTT community. I dunno how Moon & UC manage to be brillz everyday and also to have created this community but it’s quite surprising/ironic that with all that cheese, I got to kind of “meet” really brillz funny people.

        • The Old One

          Minuit, I like how you’re here for the camaraderie and fun (and Rob), and not because you’re particularly fond of the books or movies. For me, initially maybe it was about the fandom, but it quickly changed to just enjoying UC and Moon’s posts and poking fun with the other commenters.

  • BrookeLockart

    I lost count over how many times I saw New Moon in the Theatres (7 I think) and I only saw Eclipse 4x this go around. Sometimes I think those types of movies do better in November because It’s cold out and people tend to do stuff in doors. I also think more people found Twilight after the first movie, fell in love and was super excited for New Moon. By the time Eclipse rolled around I think some of the excitement wore off. Just a theory…

    Back to work!

    • Ms.J

      I agree – the cold/rainy/foggy weather of fall kinda makes you feel like you’re in Forks. I know Eclipse takes place in the summer after graduation & all, but everybody (except the wolf pack) is wearing jackets or long sleeves. Then you have the cold tent scene & maybe its just a reach to try to immerse yourself in the cold moment when you know its gonna be like 115 degrees outside when you leave the theater.

  • GeminiGypsy

    I also think a problem was that even though Eclipse didn’t come out around the same time as a Harry Potter (which would make fans choose between the two), it still came out with a lot of good movies. Now, I know I easily chose Eclipse over the others, but what about people on the fence or who didn’t have such good twilight faith? For example, Letters to Juliet, Robin Hood, Iron Man 2, Prince of Persia, Shrek Forever After, Sex and the City 2, Killers, Marmaduke, The A-Team, and Karate Kid were all out at the same time! This could have messed with Eclipse’s numbers for sure.

    • GeminiGypsy

      I also thought that Eclipse was slightly better than New Moon as well. Each movie has been better than the last, although I have my favorite moments from each of them (Carlisle telling Rosalie to be a good kitty? *snicker*). So, it gives me a lot of hope for Breaking Dawn although I’m trying not to have too many expectations just in case 😛

      • an’yergroundedfertherestofyerlife

        Wow, I’m glad you said that! I’ve been wondering what Carlisle says there to Rosalie for forever! Well, since May 2009 (I was a little late to the party.)

        • P.S.

          Seriously? Please tell me where this is. I can’t believe I’ve missed it in 5,349,281 viewings.

  • Wendy

    I’m in the minority here.
    I think I liked New Moon better, (even though there was less Rob).
    I think Chris got the heart of the book better in NM. There were those obvious BAD corny parts that I laugh out loud about…but at least I laugh. The BAD parts in Eclipse are just BAD. Really BAD.
    First and foremost, the wigs are just insulting.
    I hate the scene with Jacob and Bella on the mountain. The kiss was OK, but the whole scene was just NOT anywhere near the book. It was awkward, and she tells Jacob to “stay”…and everytime I immediately think “good boy…heres a treat”. It bugs me.
    The last scene with Bella and Rob, where Bella STANDS UP and gives her, “why I’ve decided to marry you and become a vampire” speech….bugged the crap out of me…
    The wolves are not intimidating and menacing…they are still too cute and cuddly and since there is more of them, it irritated me… And did anyone notice Sam/Chaske’s weird hand flail thing he did before picking up Jacob and carrying him out of the clearing? WTF was he doing? Was it some sort of shaman healing move?
    Obviously I saw it more than once…but…
    I don’t know.
    I don’t even laugh at the bad parts.
    I just get embarrassed and cringe.

    • an’yergroundedfertherestofyerlife

      You speak the truth, wise Wendy! I even liked the NM wolves better though the film makers seemed to think they improved them for Eclipse. I thought they walked funny in Eclipse… like they had bad hips or something.

      Was that weird Sam hand thing right when he walked from behind the rock? I first thought it was him still having shivers from the transformation back, but since he had his jorts on, that doesn’t make much sense either.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      LMAO! Me too! Every time I hear,”Jacob! Stay!” I think;

      “Jacob! Stay! Good boy.”

      And giggle to myself.

      • TwilightedForever

        I agree with you and Wendy on the “Stay” line — the audience around me actually laughed when Bella said “Stay!” and I cringed because I knew that’s not meant to be a funny moment in the movie — we’re supposed to be caught up in a serious plea from Bella for Jake to not run off (and possibly get killed in the fight). And I SO wish they’d included the moment in the book during this big kiss when Bella actually sees a very real future with Jacob. How cool would that have been!! It should have been in the movie — it’s important, showing how very possible a different path (with Jacob) is. Man, way to strip out crucial book moments, Slade! I blame Slade!

    • Esteez

      Of all the bad wigs, I was glad to see Rosalie’s; although her eyebrows did stand out more. I think they tried to make Bella seem too independent of Edward and didn’t show how she hates to be separated from him. Or the real reason why she didn’t want him to be in the fight, but at the same time, the guilt of keeping him from fighting with his family for her sake. I like the leg hitch scene in the book better for one because she fell asleep on the couch, but woke in the night hearing his voice and totally forgetting she was irate with him. Again, it was lacking the magic between B&E

  • Michelle

    I don’t really have an educated guess as to why Eclipse didn’t eclipse New Moon. Muhahahaha. Nice pun, Michelle. Anyhoooo…but I do wonder this…

    Is anyone semi-freaked for BD? Let me clarify…NOT because of the pure strangeness of the story and trying to SHOW it on the big screen…but…because it’s the end? Like the end. The freaking end of the saga. This makes me sad. Nothing new. Even though I know the story, know how it “ends” etc…etc…etc…it means well, no more. And that…makes me sad. Waahh.

    Although, maybe in 2 freaking years when it IS finally “over” I’ll be ready to move on.

    Or…as I want to cry I can just pop in Twilight and drool over some bouffant and strange enunciations. Good times.


    Hunger Games movies anyone? LOL.

    • kristen’s bestie

      Yes! Hunger Games movie! Actually I think it will come out in the midst of the BD. If it gets finalized *crosses fingers*.
      I am not really excited about BD. At all. Well maybe BD1 with Pillowbite2011! But, I’m feeling Meh! about the rest.

    • You are brillz for bringing this up! Have you thought about how this blog might end as well when the movies do? *bawls like a baby*

      I agree with Kristen’s bestie. I’m all up for BD part 1. Not so much for part 2, a.k.a the invasion of the demon baby spawn. Well except for Robward taking part in forest sex to celebrate Bella’s post-transformation period. Again, we’ll need the UC recommended pirate eye patch to block out Kristen and imagine ourselves in place of her! 😉

      Ah all my LTT/LTR girls got me hooked on the Hunger Games! Can’t wait to see who they cast in the lead roles (I say Robert Downey Jr. for Haymitch!). I’m almost done with Mockingjay and this strangely feels like it did when I finished reading BD.

      I really don’t know what I’ll do when all this will be over. *sobs*

    • an’yergroundedfertherestofyerlife

      I’m scared that all the crap they’ll have to add to make BD two movies won’t be craptastic enough to be entertaining.

      • kristen’s bestie

        Maybe it will be sooooo entertaining that Moon and UC will have years and years worth of material to write letters.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Maybe BECAUSE it was so much better we saw it less. Maybe because New Moon and Twi had more cringe-worthy moments (don’t get me wrong, NM was worlds better than Twi, there was still just so much to poke fun at) we kept going to try to get past all the cringe (de-sensitize).

    Eclipse was my least favorite book. I know I’m in the minority, but I just got sooo frustrated with Bella (“I’m ready. I’m not ready. No I’m ready. No I’m not. I could love only you Edward. I love Jacob too.”–shut up and make a decision already! That was the main thing anyway….. Oh no! I’m a very indecisive person, is that how my husband feels about my inability to make decisions? I should tell him thanks for putting up with me….)

    I personally saw both NM and Eclipse an equal four times a piece in theaters (I literally cannot remember seeing Twi more than once in the theater though I know I did, stupid memory issues)… I just saw NM and Eclipse for different reasons.

  • Nelle

    I think that NM book and movie are my favorites. I love all that loss and separation and reunion. Each book and movie have some of my favorite bits- but I will forever hate that in Eclipse they had Edward losing the fight with Victoria and Bella to the rescue by cutting herself. That was so wrong.

    • toooldforthis

      You’re absolutely right! It was wrong and stupid. Kind of like Bella’s “It’s all about me, not you” speech to Edward at the end.

      Yeah, we get it Melissa Rosenburg. Bella needs to be stronger and more independent and not rely on a man… blah, blah, blah.

      Someone needs to tell her we’re not watching these movies to learn life lessons. We’re watching them for the cheesy romance and the sparkly vampires.

      And for Rob, of course.

      • purplescool

        I agree with you, TOFT – you are so right about the ending of Eclipse. It was anticlimatic and unromantic.

        Apparantly Summit felt the need to make Bella give some moralizing, “I-am-woman-hear-me-roar” speech in a feeble attempt to make young women feel empowered by Bella’s independence. Bleh. Just give us the cheesy romance…and Rob.

        • Twi Mom(not like on O)

          Maybe it is supposed to show that she is a “Strong independant woman” or what ever that annoying line is when Bella and Angela are talking in the van in Twi.

    • LattersBaby

      I think when they upped the strength of Bella in Eclipse (the movie), they weakened Edward. He just isn’t given that much to say or do in Eclipse. Though he wasn’t in New Moon as much–with the exception of those God-awful disembodies head moments–when he was on screen, there was action/dialogue/angst. For me, Eclipse is a better film, but is the least effective in giving me my Rob fix.

  • I loved eclipse, I thought that cathrine could have done a lot more with Twilight, there was just to much left out for me, I felt like they fell in love to fast. However I still love the movie because I think that kristen’s studdering is way funny every time she speaks i am like spit it out why don’t you. New moon I loved for many different reasons. It was my least favorite book, I felt it draged. I am deffinatly team Edward but I also can not help loving Jake. I thought that the job Chris did was amazing!!! And it also had its ” why did they do/ say that OMG that is just retarded moments that you can not help but Laugh at. Eclipse to me was just Perfect minust the weirdness of the wigs and other weird wardrobe issues. There were a few affects that I did not agree with, but all in all it satisfied with it and felt full after watching it. I was so happy with it that I didn’t feel the need to go back right away and pick it apart. I didn’t need to go back and see if there were parts that I missed. Also we are in a ression and I just plain could not aford 10.00 for a movie plus another 30.00 for a baby sitter.

  • youweregone

    Maybe not many people will agree with me but Cath the Cougar actually did catch a mood, an atmosphere in Twilight extremely well. And so did Chris – the melancholy, the sadder tone. Although Eclipse was better made (and I am really not sure what that means apart from the technical stuff) it did not really capture the book IMHO.
    The long wait probably added to NM as well

    • P.S.

      I agree. The atmosphere of Twilight was mysterious. For me it was the background music. The Native American drums and electric guitar, Supermassive Black Hole, Let Me Sign. I missed that in New Moon with it’s Harry Potter-esque orchestra music. I don’t even remember if Eclipse had any background music?

    • Nelle

      I agree that Cathy Cougar set the right tone in Twilight- the dreary lighting, the music, etc. And maybe it was inadvertent, but Kristen’s stuttering and blinking were just right for a young stumbling awkward girl. But I loved the brighter colors and more symphonic score in New Moon too.

    • Nelle

      And I love your name “Youweregone.” I’ve always thought that was an inexplicable line in Twilight! Who says that to someone they just met? There were so many other things she could have said at that point. But as a name- it’s cool.

      • youweregone

        Thanks Nelle. That line kind of puzzled me as well. It is almost the last thing you would say if you’re trying to give the impression that you’re not constantly watching the other person… But I like the weirdness of it.

    • TwilightedForever

      Twilight was “indie”-feeling because of budget constraints — but it works in that regard: it was quirky, cool, and hip. New Moon was just Beautiful with a capital B. Weitz hired one of the best composers in the biz so that the music swept through us, made us really feel for the characters and the story. Not to mention that you could tell Chris Weitz put his heart and soul into making New Moon…and his editor deserves some high compliments too, for taking time and care in piecing the film together. Eclipse was…slick. And I don’t really mean that as a compliment. Summit should have backed off on the whole “we gotta make the summer season deadline or we’ll miss out on sales!!” in favor of giving this 3rd installment (arguably the favored among most fans) the time and attention it deserved. And the wigs were atrocious! I blame Slade (yeah, I said it before and I’ll keep saying it).

  • Erica

    I’ll be honest. I didn’t see it in theaters once. I always meant to, but then I went out of the country for 3 weeks. When I got back I kept meaning to, but never got around to it, and then it was out of theaters.
    And then I realized my life didn’t end, I wasn’t even bothered. Maybe I’m growing out of the fandom? Maybe I was never a fan to begin with? I’ll just second guess myself until the DVD comes out and see if I watch it then.

  • Ms.J

    So much to contemplate today. I think part of it was that I was SATISFIED with Eclipse. All my favorite scenes were there, most of my favorite lines were included. No reason to go back & make fun. No – WTF did he say? – moments.
    Still love the movie but if I had to pick just one out on a rainy day it would be Twilight, hands down.

  • Katie

    Is anyone else a little worried that (gasp!) by the time the Breaking Dawn movies come out, you may not be as diehard about Twilight anymore? It makes me sad, and I hope that’s not the case :-/

  • Whiplashes

    I think part of it was realizing that the DVD would be out sooner than we thought.

    Watching Twilight – the faces were new, the ‘saga’ was not yet a ‘saga’ and it hadn’t become cliche. Had to see it lots in the theaters cause 6 months is FOREVER to wait for a DVD.

    Watching New Moon – the faces were mostly the same (give or take a few pounds) and you knew a lot more about them. There was opportunity for ‘fresh’ and Chris Weitz brought good game. 6 months is ‘a while’ to wait and we only had one DVD to hold us over.

    Watching Eclipse – the faces have been everywhere for years (still pretty!), the are they? or aren’t they? was getting stale and somewhat bitter. Having watched the two DVDs a ‘few’ times over, you know that soon you’ll be able to add Eclipse to the rotation. Watching at home is just as much fun as in the theater, you can yell whatever you want at the screen (rewind at your leisure) and you don’t have to be embarrassed to admit you watched it (again) cause no one will notice. Oh yeah: the DVD costs roughly 1.5 theater viewings.

  • Marisa

    I love Eclipse and was satisfied with it. I think the anticipation building up to New Moon was different, because all we had seen was Twilight and everything was still so new. Twilight Edward had his eyebrows plucked and was generally less hairy. The blue cast to the movie hid the white makeup much better.

    I think the honeymoon has been over for a while.

  • JenlovesRob

    Eclipse was my favorite book in the series so I really wanted to LOVE the movie but I didn’t. Don’t get wrong, still a total fan. Just really surprised I didn’t like it more.

    My main problem with Eclipse was the pacing, to me it felt really rushed. In an effort to get all of our favorite scenes in they lost some of the emotion/flavor of the characters. BAd script, bad directing, choppy editing? Not really sure.

    In the end I felt like I was watching the music video version of Eclipse. Montage after montage set to music.

    Oh well at least there was plenty of Edward this go around!

  • operarose

    I agree with you … I think the main reason was that New Moon and Eclipse were simply released too close together. The NM merch hadn’t even had time to clearance out of Walmart before the Eclipse stuff was brought in. Mass audiences love a good, juicy buildup to a movie premiere and Eclipse didn’t have one. It’s just, one day…it was there…open in theatres, and that was that.

    With that said, I actually saw Eclipse more than any other movie in theatres, but that was more because of my personal life…I was really not very busy in June and July, the theatre had air conditioning during several heat waves, and I needed a distraction from wedding planning… plus my sister-in-law took me twice, and paid, so what more can you really ask for? I saw it 5 times. *hides* But again, that is not at all thanks to the marketing or promos or excitement leading up to the movie, it was just conveniently there waiting for me.

    BD 1+2 are not going to work unless there’s more time in between movies. (And they’re not going to work if…insert another few hundred reasons, but that’s for another time!)

    • operarose

      Also, I can’t help but wonder if we’re all just a little too overloaded on Twilight? Even the fans? Somehow, Eclipse came out at a time when Twilight just felt too “crowded.” Its release wasn’t quite as singularly exciting as the rest.

      Also, my mom’s a teacher and she says that in her classrooms she often observes that things will become popular because one or two of the “cool” kids will go see or do or buy something, then come back to school and talk about it, and suddenly the rest of the class wants to go do/see/etc. whatever it is. In other words, things become trendy or popular because they’re talked about a lot in school. As I am sure we can all remember from our own past experiences.

      So, if you have some 12 or 13 year olds talking about Twilight at school, you can bet that a lot more kids who overheard them talking about it will run home and beg their parents to take them to the movie. However, if it’s released on summer vacation, and kids are a bit more dispersed and not in as close communication, a lot of the “buzz” around the movie may have been overshadowed by summer vacations and summer plans with family rather than trendy summer activities like going to Twilight.

  • lindsaylee

    I actually saw Eclispse more than I saw New Moon, but I guess there were not enough of us to balance out the lack of seeing by others.
    You are right about a little to much exposure. It couldnt all be talked about then, and now there is nothing to talk about.
    Evenstill, in this situation, any news is better than no news.

  • Twi Mom(not like on O)


    • P.S.

      It showed up at the top of the comments for me 🙂 thumbs up!

      • Twi Mom(not like on O)

        Thanks P.S., it is strange though. I posted it about 15-20 before this post you replied to. So I am not sure why it is showing that I did it at 7:41 am. What and idiot I am I have been scrolling past it checking to see if I replied to some else’s comment by mistake or if it was just taking a while to post. Thank God my LTT friends are looking out for me!! 🙂

        • P.S.

          Something strange must be going on with the site today. Everytime I give someone a thumbs up, it gives them two thumbs up – which is all fine and dandy, just different!

  • blondieinco

    Personally, I think the first two movies have a strong hook in the fandom because they are both about that wonderful feeling of falling in love. In Twi – obvs with Edward and in NM with Jacob.

    I give Chris W lots of kudos for making Jacob someone who is a viable option for Bella (I didn’t like NM the book and was annoyed by Jacob throughout the series – just put E and B together already!!!).

    Eclipse doesn’t have that fallin’ feelin’. That being said, I saw that in the theater twice as much as I saw NM.

    And I can.not.wait to hear Rob and K’s commentary on the Eclipse DVD! Their commentary on Twi is my favorite extra.

    I’m hoping BD1 will be just as beautiful as it is in my mind. But I think it will take some movie magic and some marketing miracles (lots of alliteration today 🙂 ) to get me to fork out $10 for a ticket to BD2

  • Leah

    I agree but i think that eclipse was good BUT new moon was better.
    Edward was kinda a pussy in this one.
    I like the meadow scene and i like this Victoria better

  • kitkat

    I only saw Eclipse once (despite my desire to see it again). I kept talking about it, and like some have said above, it just didn’t happen. Contrary to what Hollywood seems to expect, I don’t see a lot of movies in the summer. I’m busy doing outdoors things (PacNW doesn’t get too hot for that) and basically not seeing movies.

  • eatmyjorts

    Why am I always in the minority? It makes me feel like my brain (& hormones) don’t work right. I’m far more likely to watch NM than Twilight (on DVD) & am excited the Eclipse DVD is coming out soon so I can watch it again. This may be that my favourite bits involve wolves…in human form. I also thought there was PLENTY to mock in Eclipse.

    Why must I be so contrary?

    • You are not in the minority. I love NM way more than Twilight. I can Not wait for BD it was my favorite book out of them all. I loved it. I did not feel like most that Bella lost her appeal in that book and I loved that SM decided to give them Renesmee. I loved that Jacob Imprinted on her and I totaly got all that SM’s thinking was behind that. Can you imagine how many pissed off wolf girls there would have been if Jake would have dissapeared forever, bella never hearing from him again, or if he would have killed himself or some of the cullens in his grief? I know I would have been pissed off and i don’t think that bella and jake were ment to be together. But I loved that there was someone for Jake and I totaly get Bella insanity in not being able to choose between them, I get it now. It was Renesmee the whole time even then. I also get that it is a deeper kind of Careing. I am one that can not wait for BD and am also a huge Huge Twi nerd.

      (Stands Up) Hello My Name is Evelyn I am a Twi Nerd, Twi Mom, I own all the books, I have had to replace them More than once due to over reading. My Husband is a Unicorn, I have sucked my 5 year old into my addiction, He has gone to see the movies with because I could not find a babysitter and could not wait untill i could find one. I have also sucked in my best friend, She is no longer a twi vergin. I am totally hopeless. Sighs

      • P.S.

        Hi Evelyn! I’m a twi-nerd mom too. I have sucked my 6 year old into it as well. I’m one of those bad parents they talk about who take their children to midnight showings. Now the problem is making the 6 year old understand that we don’t tell the whole world that “mom watches twilight everyday and loves Robert Pattinson”!!!!

        • P.S,

          I would have gone to see them all by myself but my husband, the afore mentioned Unicorn got his feelings hurt because he wanted to go see it too. So we had to take the 5 year old. He has done really well durring the movies, sat there good as gold the whole time. My Husband threw a fit because he wanted to see them soooo bad. Once we got to the theater he prtended to be one of those men being draged into it against his will. He is a closeted Unicorn. LOL

        • suzyb49

          I had my 8 year old and 12 year old at the midnight showing of Eclipse. WTH it was summer vacation! My 8 year old didn’t have a chance of not getting sucked in with me and my 12 year old being so obsessed!

      • Tex Bottle Blonde

        Twi-Mom — check
        Midnight show with kids 9 and 11 — check
        Sister to swoon over Robward with — check

        Twilight to me is just as much the whole experience as watching the movies. I loved watching the movie that night with all the clapping and yelling, and my girls did too. Only went that once though. I really wanted the fight to be more scary. The newborns, how can they be scary when they are so beautiful? They were dirty, but not so scary. And Edward was supposed to be scary at the end too, but he really wasn’t. The end of the fight wasn’t edgy enough. But I loved every minute anyway and admit to my Robward obsession. (I’ve even come clean to my family.)

        I, agree that they released the movie too soon and all the whole thing is over exposed. But we ask, beg, demand, google, twitter, etc. for pictures, music, whatever — so they give it to us. Oh well.

        Listen, the whole movie could be Edward and Bella in the meadow just as described in the Twilight book, with a little leg hitching from Eclipse and some sweet talk from the plane in New Moon. I’m happy.
        Big Texas Love,


  • Christi

    It’s like having sex for the first time. You’re sure he’s the one and the best thing to ever happen to you. But then it’s akward and nothing particularly stands out as phenomenal, but you always remember that as your most special. But time goes by and more boyfriends come along with lots of money and all sorts of “special effects” but that first boyfriend is always special to you (even though he worked at McDonald’s and had to ask his Mom for permission to stay out past 11).

    • kristen’s bestie

      Love the analogy. I think my first boyfriend (that had a job) worked at Kmart.

  • Robjunkie

    In my opinion Twilight is still way better than both NM and Eclipse. Cathi created such an evocative mood in Twilight. The score and the music also punctuated Twilight much better than the other two. Twilight was dreamy, intense, moving and sexy. I thought Eclipse was better than NM. It was edgy and suspenseful, whereas NM was brown and boring. The thing that bugged me the most about Eclipse, aside from the awful wigs and make-up, was Kristen Stewart’s acting. Her morose portrayal of Bella annoyed me. You’ve got a hot vampire dude salivating for you. For the love of all that is holy, could you try to enjoy your life a bit more, you ungrateful twat? She was better in NM. Her emo vibe suited that movie well.

    • roslynselene

      Which is another reason why I won’t watch Eclipse. Their acting is to too emo and cheesy. Sorry, but NM was the worst! Come to think of it, NM is why I don’t want to see Eclipse either. And by the looks of it, Twilight will be better than NM, Eclipse, and BD 1&2 because let’s face it: a wolf falling in love with a baby? Taylor’s ‘imprinting’ face with be HILARIOUS! I’ll probably see BD JUST to see his face. Screw Isle Esme! Bhahaha!

  • I actually saw Eclipse twice only because I was too drunk to remember the first time I saw the movie. I only saw New Moon and Twilight once.

    Also I hate seeing the movie in the theater because I always get shushed even though I wait to see the movie late in to its release.

  • purplescool

    Eclipse was my least favorite of the books, so that may have influenced my feeling about the film. But maybe there was too much hype leading up to it that it was bound to fall a little flat. They did do a decent job of getting all the parts of the story in there, but it was just lacking something.

    And I agree with what a lot of people said, even though Twilight seemed so cheesy, I still love to watch it.

  • Stacey

    I saw Eclipse one time. Would have I seen it more? Yes. For two reasons. One, I like Rob. Two, to get a break from the children.

    Since, SGjr. could only handle watching the baby by himself that one time, I’ll have to give my review after watching the DVD. (it’s marked on my calendar. Merry Christmas to me) I was too distracted by a certain Mr. Pattinson the first time around.

  • roslynselene

    Great post! But I haven’t seen Eclipse at all. IDK, it’s just bleh for me. Maybe when the dvd comes out and my younger sister decides to tie me to a chair and forces me to watch it. (She’s seen it twice in theaters and twice on the internet smh)

  • ICanHandleIt

    It looks like we are all on the same page. Basically Twilight’s got it, NM and E kinda don’t. I even have a copy of Eclipse (don’t ask, don’t tell.) and I STILL have only seen it four times. 3 times in the theater. yes! I did! And only once since I’ve had it on DVD. Why? UC nailed it on the head; Harry Clearwater’s Kung Fu just wasn’t strong enough= not enough laughs. That and Bella’s wig. I just can’t do it.

  • Sarah Keller

    Yeah, is there a reason Rosenberg feels the need to step up the feminism another notch every movie? First of all ‘she’s got it, she’s got it’ with the belt in the jeep but now she’s organising a wolf-pack-and-vampire-24hr-self-protection rota, demandig to double-barrel her name and saving Edward’s life with her rock; before explaining that her wish to be a vampire is not about Edward but instead because she’s ‘never felt stronger’.

    Is anyone else a little worried about this continuing into BD? She’ll sulk through her wedding, Edward’s vows will include a promise to obey her, and the bruising thing will go something like – her bottom lip will be slightly swollen when she wakes up and she’ll tell him ‘vampire or no vampire, you’re never getting laid again…’ And we’re all sat there thinking ‘seriously, Robward, honey, what are you doing? I would treat you sooooo much better. Get outta there…’

    • theseviolentdelights

      “before explaining that her wish to be a vampire is not about Edward but instead because she’s ‘never felt stronger’.”
      Yes, that bugged me endlessly.
      Her speech at the end of the movie just wasn’t “inspiring” like I think it was supposed to be…I’m all for some girl power, but seriously? You get Edward for an ETERNITY – be frickin’ excited about it. 😉

  • dionrenee

    Can we go back to the day after Eclipse came out….everybody loved happened????

    I loved all three movies, yes, Ive seen Twilight way more times than NM and Eclipse, but its true about over exposure, they were everywhere for NM though, for Eclipse they did less press, I just believe NM was the next step after a huge Blockbuster and a third installment maybe doesn’t cut it compared to sequel #2……Im a little concerned BD wont be as big a money maker, but my but wil be in the theater at midnight anyway!

  • MichaelSheenisaDILF

    Super late to the discussion so nobody will see this, but I had some wine and therefore feel like my opinion is important and I better write this down! Saw Eclipse twice in the theater but a few more times downloaded on my computer. I think after New Moon made 6784893u95720399 dollars (yeah there’s a “u” in there), maybe we all still like watching it, but don’t feel the need to “support” the franchise as much. My two (tipsy) cents.

  • MC

    Personally, I have never thought that any movie based on a book would be as good as the book, & I think as the Twilight Saga movies progress, & the details in each book becomes more involved, the protrayal of the books into movies isn’t as effective – too much important detail gets lost.

    I have seen Twilight COUNTLESS times on DVD, but never in the theatre b/c I wasn’t a fan then, & hadn’t read the books. I saw NM once in the theatre, & COUNTLESS times on DVD (I love when Edward walks across the parking lot in slow motion!), but I went to see Eclipse twice in the theatre, once on the first day – June 30th, & then a week later. The first time I saw it I was so engrossed with Rob/Edward, that I really enjoyed it more the second time! lol

    Twilight still holds my heart as the best book & the best movie!

  • Dawn

    I’m confused. Eclipse has done better then NM, it just passed 300mil, which is more then NM.

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