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The Dirt – News Dump all things Twilight, Rob, Kristen, New Moon, and everyone else

Dear LTT-ers,

You know how sometimes there just too much to cover and not enough hours in the day?

Yea, that’s this week.

With filming of New Moon wrapped there’s been so much news and craziness off the set I thought we should bring you a new edition of The Dirt – the News Dump… where we handpick all the best news just for you!

Did we miss anything awesome?

Love your guts-

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  • Finally a dude who doesn’t have his head up his arse, hits on Ashley Greene. Then they ride the waves and uh surf
  • Have you been living under a rock? Peter Facinelli made an almost impossible bet with a friend regarding Twitter. Follow him
  • Gil Birmingham jumps on the Twitter bet bandwagon. For the love of God follow him so we don’t have to see him in a Speedo
  • Yup, still there
  • Tess got bored effing around with Max and Liz, took a wrong turn at the Crashdown Cafe and ended up on the Remember Me set
  • As if you needed an excuse to watch more stuff about New Moon:

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  • krazykidd

    AHHHH!!! Information overload!!! That’s cool though…it’ll help keep my day busy!!! Thanks for the hook up Moon!! πŸ˜€

  • Sarita Pagita

    Yup, still there…lol!

  • Proselyte3

    Wow, thanks Moon…now I’m all caught up! I missed most of this in the drama over the last two days.

    Now somebody tell me what brand of jeans to buy? I usually buy Lucky, any other thoughts?

    • sassysmart

      I’m a HUGE fan of 7 for all Mankind & Rock & Republic. YES, they are expensive but they make your ass look fantastic. Trust. You can usually find them at a discount place like Off 5th or Filene’s for about 1/2 of what they are in the regular store.

      • Proselyte3

        Thanks Sas! I’ve held off on the 7’s for a long time. I’m overwhelmed by the choices…but, anything that will give my bootie the attn. it deserves is good stuff!

      • dude. i dind’t read your response b4 i wrote mine. hilarious!

    • seven

      cuz then you can walk around screaming that line from Friends about “seven”

      plus they’ll make your ass look hot

      • Proselyte3

        7 it is then! Shall I posts pics? πŸ™‚

        “LOOK AT MY BUTT!” “LOOK AT IT!”
        It’s a perfect circle! It’s so perfect, scientists use it to calibrate their instruments!”
        “I have achieved perfect buttness!”

        SNL reference anyone…Bueller?

        • lapushbaby

          My butt has the power to heal!!!

          • Proselyte3

            OMG!!!!! LOL!

          • lapushbaby

            you and I watch the exact same TV, I am sure of it.

    • themoonisdown

      JOES jeans!

      • Proselyte3

        Checking out Joes as well.

        I mean let’s be honest, girl has gotta try on about a gazillion pair of denim before the shaft of light bursts through the heavens and shines down on ‘the ones.’ Right, right?

        • Proselyte3

          ….annnnnnd that’s what she said.

      • YES! JOE’S!!!

        I am a loyal Joe’s wearer. I have paid $$$ for them, but they are sooooo worth it. πŸ˜€

        • Proselyte3

          I’m converted…going to look this week.

  • Hey, did you know Rob and Kristen almost kissed at the MTV Awards?????

    (Sorry–couldn’t help it.)

    • no!?

    • themoonisdown

      hey FYI theyre filming new moon in vancouver!! crazy!!


    ahhh the fan review was brill! thanks for linking it πŸ™‚

    • themoonisdown

      shes sounds like an actual sane person and her review was marvey

  • sassysmart

    Ok, seriously. Moon, it was Champagne Tuesday and right now I can’t compute ANY of that.

    However I did read dudes review and “Hot piece of English Trailor Trash” is probably one of the funniest things I have heard in a LONG time.

    • themoonisdown

      champagne tuesday?! where’s MY invite? that is a party MADE for me.

      and yes english trailer trash! LOVES

      • sassysmart

        Next time you can come and remind me that I don’t need to drink vodka too.

        It’s 2:42 in the afternoon and I STILL feel like a truck hit me.


    Oh and unless that is a Mary Freakin Poppins
    umbrella Summit better up the security a tad more..

    What you haven’t made enough money off of Rob?

  • tracyvanhorne

    HOLY SHIT! I’m crying over that 4 year old’s video…. OH I haven’t laughed that fucking hard since… well, since yesterday’s post πŸ™‚

    • hahaha. heart you

    • themoonisdown

      HAHA! but seriously i describe it like that, feet kicking in the air and everything!

      • tracyvanhorne

        This is how much I heart you guys… I came back today to see if you guys read my comment (gets me all warm inside when you do) and now I’m laughing so hard at that damn video all over again!

        Oh god, I bet my coworkers think I’m mentally off or something…. well good thing I already think they are all mentally off, so I’m in good company! HA!

  • maygirl

    Thanks Moon.

  • First off, I won’t even discuss how disturbing it is to me that Rob has to carry his own umbrella. What happened to umbrella girl? Did she get trampled by the skank hos yesterday? Why is no one concerned about her? PLEASE someone send a rescue team for that poor thing!

    • Rubytuesday

      I think she just turned into a puddle on the ground….I admire her for holding out as long as she did when Rob was smiling at her the way he was…….

  • hunnieb


    bring on more rob! <3

  • lapushbaby

    Great update. I love everything in one place for me, you work so hard! That guy filming “RP” going on about him smiling is crushing hard!!

    • themoonisdown

      the papps LOOOOOOVE rp’s smile! so creepy

      • lapushbaby

        Yeah, I couldn’t decide if it was cute or creepy, with him going on about the smiling but,,,,, I think I am going with creepy, just based on the fact that it is a pap film, if it was some random dude’s phone vid, I would think it was super cute.

        (when I typed ‘pap film’ all I could think of was pap smear, which is just wrong, but I didn’t want to go back and type the whole word, so I just typed this long parenthetical thought instead.)

  • Yup, still there!


    • And I’m home so I just watched the vid of the 4 yo….

      LMAO!! That was so adorbs (and just a teensy creepy).

      I <3 Roswell. I religiously watched that show. And Dido rocks.

      That is all. πŸ™‚

      • themoonisdown

        it ruled my life. AND felicity, that was the best night of television.

  • Emmes

    LOVE the Roswell Holla! I still wanna cry at the Max -Liz angst when I hear the Dido song πŸ™
    And Michael was hawt!

    Trust Moon to deliver the “back in day” cool kids references!!!

    • Emily W

      OMG! That made me laugh too! I haven’t watched Lost so when they say said his co host, Emile De Ravin, was from Lost I was thinking, “You mean that skank Tess that tried to break up Liz and Max?!”. BTW, what has Jason Behr (Max) done since Roswell? I saw commercials for a cheesey-looking tv moving on ABC family the dude that played Michael was in not too long ago. Majandra Delfino (Maria) hasn’t done anything else either has she? Other than her music?

      • Emily W

        Wow. After I reread that, I realized how pathetic it is that my brain has totally retained that info. Why can’t I remember stuff that detailed that I actually HAVE to use? I can always remember the theories and concepts in general but years later have trouble remembering the names that go with them.

      • Missy

        Epic win from me for the Roswell reference. I too immdiately thought of her as Tess when she was mentioned because I never watched Lost either. Somewhere buried in my boxes of sh*t I collected before I got married and had a kid is a full binder of Roswell trading cards. I’m so first hand embarrassed I own them, but now I can see we were peeps before our love of all things Rob and Twilight (i.e., THAT’S NORMAL).

    • Yeah totally cool kid references! I LOVED Roswell… and laughed when I saw she had signed on for Remember Me… So wait aliens, the craziness of Lost and now vampires… find a new genre chick…

      • also is it funny that the three of us who commented on Roswell are all some form of Emily and we’re talking about Emilie?

    • themoonisdown

      that song will ALWAYS be roswell’s song. its weird to see it used in movies and tv and NOT see liz and max and the gang.

      ps micheal was my FAVORITE!!! i LOVED him.

  • Janetrigs

    I feel very enlightened. Thank you.

    PS I also like that we had a hair check up there somewhere. Glad it’s still there!

    • themoonisdown

      you know… just in cases.

      those girls were crazy i wouldnt put it past them to yank some hairs out.

  • Yep! That about covers it! You girls rock!

    Now, for a mommy moment. I think it is funny that the 4 yo loves Edward and Bella and I have no issue with it b/c I took my own kids to see it like 20 time (true story) but srsly…PACIFIERS ARE FOR BABIES!!!

    Okay, now, back to business…Glad Rob’s hair is still there too! And I lurve that Ashley went surfing with the AG it makes me giddy aaaaaand I love the pic of Rob all beat up (i know it’s weird, but I have a Fightward fantasy going here).

    • Proselyte3

      I’m feeling your Fightward baby. Bring it!

      • @Proselyte3 If you read FanFic you should read Shadow Boxer. Fightward is *swoon*thud*poof* SRSLY!

        • Proselyte3

          Oh, I SO read ff! I will add it to the 20,000 other fics I’m following.
          Thanks Vicky! πŸ™‚

          Ya, I used to read actual books….*sniff*

          • amylouwho

            LOL. me too. *double sniff*

    • themoonisdown

      ive never read any of the -ward FF’s but i made up my own and he’s my favorite:


      • Proselyte3

        Mmmmmmm, nerdward, yes please! You’ve been freshly Daniel Gale’d haven’t you? πŸ™‚

        Ice cream scene anyone…

        • lapushbaby

          Love Daniel Gale…sigh…that scene at the end when he gives her the gift and he isn’t wearing his glasses, and he looks up at her…. …I just died thinking about it…. SO gorgeous.

        • themoonisdown

          yes i watched bad mothers handjob last night and reminds me how much i love that nerdy boy. rob rules. so does daniel

          and i want to be daniel gale-d every day. ahem.

          • Proselyte3


  • the video of the 4 y/o is awesome! i’m sure I sound that way to some of my friends! ha ha!

    • themoonisdown

      im pretty sure thats EXACTLY how i sound!

      the prince of beeeeellllaaa!!

  • domisgone

    The little four year old girl scares me….

    Just a little.

    And I wonder if Rob will have his British Accent in Remember Me?? Do you think? I hope so… cause I *swoon* when he talks.

    Oh what the hell am I saying, I *swoon* for him period… With or without the accent πŸ™‚

    • themoonisdown

      i certainly hope so… i love the accent. who doesnt?

  • Hollaa to Roswell!!
    totally thought the same thing when i saw her.
    ps: i. love. yr. blog. keep it up:)

    • themoonisdown

      big ups to roswell! hahaha and we are definitely keeping it up! thanks for commenting!

    • kim

      I’m so glad you gave props to Roswell! Quite possibly the best obsession I’ve ever had besides Twilight. Hated Tess – It’ll be hard to see her kiss my Rob. Wait, it’s hard to see anyone kiss my Rob. (Well that’s just not true, I don’t get jealous, I just imagine that it was me and we’re all good)

  • Rachel

    I love how on the makeup artist link it talks about Megan Fox thinking Rob is attractive when she called him immature in an interview and wasn’t interested in him. Okayyy. :p
    But thanks for all this! πŸ˜€

  • Tiffany

    Moon I love that you liken yourself to that four year old when discribing twilight… that was awesome.

  • I thought Yep It’s Still There was my favorite part and then that crazy 4-year-old came up! Holy geez!

    • themoonisdown

      the news rules these days!

      hi 86 rabbit- i was just thinking about the old days! πŸ˜‰

  • newkindofunicorn

    <3 the roswell reference.

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