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Do your Twitpics look THIS GOOD? David Slade's do

Do your Twitpics look THIS GOOD? David Slade’s do

Dear LTT-ers and Twihards,

It’s about that time again, yup we need to do a news dump, since we can’t write letters regarding EVERY little news piece nor do you want to hear us TRY to wax poetic about Sarah Clarke’s suitcase. I tried. It doesn’t work. So let’s get to it…


  • If you’re not following David Slade on Twitter you are missing out on some awesome shiz, like pictures of Taylor doing backflips and THIS DUDE! This is the guy you see in the mirror after you chant “Red Rum” into your bathroom mirror with the lights off at your 6th grade sleepover. Eclipse crew are SEXYtimes.
  • Are you ready to simultaneously pee your pants, puke into the DVD storage unit near your tv, scream like a 14 yr old girl and hyperventilate? Yea, we are too! The holy trinity (Rob, KStew and Taycob) will be premiering a new (read: legit) trailer at the MTV Music Video Awards. And yes, Russell Brand is hosting again, get your pitch forks ready.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3347131&w=425&h=350&]

  • I’m beginning to think these biotches aren’t even in Eclipse, they’re just hanging out, walking through Vancouver with their hoods up, drinking smoothies and working out 23 hours a day. Seriously, who owns THAT MUCH workout gear?

MORE News after the cut!

  • Ever wanted to dress up a virtual version of the Cullens, build a house for them all decorated in leopard print furniture, give them a fireworks set to play with, then remove the door and watch it all burn down?! Yup, you can do that now just like we used to do with the Sims. Habbo and Summit are coming out with a Twilight virtual world game. I wonder where I can find the cheat codes for unlimited money so I can build the swimming pool without a ladder. Not that I would ever do that. Yeah.
  • If the soulless have no souls according to Jackson how can their eyes be the window to their soul? And moreover if a werewolf phases in the forest and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? Crap, my brain hurts. Read more of Jackson’s interview about Jasper’s special abilities while I try to overcome how much he looks like a catfish
Really? This right here is what we call a Lady Killer

Really? This right here is what we call a Lady Killer

  • Omg, my hippie granola auntie totally has this suitcase too… and those shoes… and those capris… wait…
  • SERIOUSLY?! Seriously?! He’s only 17 but that’s legal in Georgia and I will write it on my cell at the ladies detention center.

So do you feel informed? What did I miss, any news not fit to print??

Thank you: google reader, Twitter,,, and trusty spies for all the news

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