Twilight at the Scream 09 Awards – a mind f*ck

This one's for the werewolves!!

This one's for the werewolves!!

Dear LTT-ers and people who like scary movies and watch stuff like the Scream Awards-

Ashley, Chelsea and I had the pleasure of attending the Scream awards last night at the Greek Theater wherein Twilight was nominated for like 8 bajillion awards and wherein apparently EVERY celeb feels like showing up to check out the freaks n geeks. Mostly freaks. And wherein we dressed up like Twilight characters. Yup.

Here’s our story…

Being the freaks we are and because we had to (audience members come in costume) we went for authentic Twilight, New Moon Costumes. Like seriously we analyzed each characters outfits and pulled together costumes down to the minute details. Here we are as Alice, Rosalie and Victoria (as seen in New Moon)

Alice, Victoria and Rosalie giving our best bitch face

Alice, Victoria and Rosalie giving our best bitch face

Ok, maybe we're not so mean!

Ok, maybe we're not so mean!

Follow the cut to hear the rest of our Scream Awards experience and to hear ALL about the new NM footage!

We got there and queued up with all the rest of the audience members and boy, was it a people watching dream! I saw more boobs, butts and crazies than a goth version of the AVN’s. While in line we saw about 50 Freddy Krugers, a Santa Claus (no Buttcrack), 100 Zombies (not monkeys) and some drunk girl passed out and being hauled off by the medics. Dude, you don’t get plastered BEFORE the party!

Animal Attack!

Animal Attack!

We were so bored waiting we played a few rousing games of “Would you rather” and “Kill, Screw, Marry.” I learned a lot about my fellow LA girls to say the least. A lot more of us would screw Buttcrack Santa and Count von Count than we should be proud to admit. And a few of us definitely would pass up the chance to marry Rob over a few of the other boys like Taylor and Jackson!

Finally, we were inside and it was time to get down to business. We made sure to talk to every PA we saw to let them know who we are and why we should be in a good spot. But it fell on deaf ears because apparently Scream Awards PA’s don’t know what the crap characters from Twilight look like. We should have brought a dude in a peacoat and Raybans. As we were being led to a seating section NOT near the front Chelsea struck up a convo with another PA and told him it was imperative that we be seated in a good location because of all the Twilight/New Moon stuff that was happening tonight. He promised us he would talk to someone… he walked away and the show director told everyone to take their sears we would be beginning soon and we were bummed out. BUT THEN our friendly PA came back and needed more folks for the front and happily we got up and were RUSHED (like running, no lie) to the front.

Lights, camera, action!

Lights, camera, action!

We ended up sitting in the 4th row in prime location. Hot Alex Skarsgard from True Blood was in our row about 10 seats away from us. THE Eric Northman in a dark suit, short hair and blue tie looking KILLER sans fangs and trusty sidekick. And right behind him were Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Tramwell, and Rutina Wesley. A couple rows behind us was Quitin Tarintino. In front of us Elena from Vampire Diaries and JJ Abrams. It was prime location to say the least. We squealed our faces off as Johnny Depp came out to accept an award and as he was accepting I noticed Mr. Taylor Lautner to our right getting ready to take the stage for the next award (Spoiler: he accepts Break out Star). He stands there for a bit as we silently freak out in our seats and Ashley decides to send a little wave his way and what do you know, he waves back at us and we all sigh. We also totally forgot to check for Chris Hansen, which I can safely say Chris should DEFINITELY have been there especially after we saw the special NM clip. Oh and NO Big Daddy sighting. I was thoroughly disappointed.

(clicky to enlarge) HotAlex and Taylor… the only pics we took. Security was a big ol buzzkill

So some other shiz happened. Folks like Keith Richards, Morgan Freeman, The Vampire Diaries hotties, True Blood Cast, Megan Fox (and her toe thumbs) came out and did stuff. Then finally Elijah Wood comes out to give away best fantasy movie which (spoiler alert, like you care) goes to Twilight! Taylor comes out looking hella fly in his black leather jacket and black jeans. For serious his personal color should be black.  He graciously accepted the award and then FINALLY introduces the super special clip from New Moon. And really even a day later all I can say is WOW! But I will try to explain all the awesomeness that was in the clip…

*Huge SPOILER Alert!* (in the order I remember it and probably not the order of the clip)
The clip starts off much like the “Meet Jacob Black” trailer with Taylor talking about Jacob and the Wolfpack it then goes to Chris Weitz talking about CGI and transforming the actors into their Wolf-y form. They show Taylor doing wire work from that part where he jumps over the porch railing and phases. Then they explain more about the transformation and show Alex Meraz getting scanned in this weird alien exray machine thingy with a wig cap on. Then it shows the computer with the Wolves and how it snarls and crap. The clip also (FINALLY!) showed a wolf phasing!!!!! Bella punches Paul and we hear Sam use his alpha voice “No Sam, No!” But Paul is an angry lil biotch and begins shaking in this circular motion and explodes into a huge wolfbeast! It also seemed to us that they roughed up the wolves a bit and made them less cuddly than in previous versions we’ve all seen. They also show a wolf stalking in the forest (maybe INTO the meadow). They show clips of the Wolves vs. Laurent fighting. Laurent begins running in the forest and a Wolf follows him hot on his cravat-ed ass. We also see what might be Jacob as a wolf looking at Bella with Bella reflected in Jacob’s wolf eyes.
*end spoiler alert*

Here are some crappy clips were you can’t really see anything but I’ll try to explain…

This is Taylor on wires part, he runs and jumps in the air and wires pull him back

Chaske and HotAlex#2 talking about Wolf transformation

I think that little tiny part at the beginning is one of the wolves chasing Laurent through the forest… maybe… it’s hard to see! I can’t believe they took these videos!

So no Edward/Rob. No Cullens. No Volturi this was purely a wolfpack clip. If you’re easily embarrassed it’s probably a good thing you weren’t with us because we screamed like little girls, clutched hands and hugged. Remember the reaction to the trailer a while ago? Times that by like 20. No lie. I almost wrote us a 2nd hand embarrassing letter on the spot. We did apologize to our row mates but they loved it and laughed at us for being freaks like they were.

After the clip, Ashley a staunch Team Vampire member declared she had officially switched to Team Wolfpack! Now that’s saying something!

Some other crap happened after that, some more stars came out, Stan Lee descended from the sky on a huge spider and it was over!!!

For serious you guys the new footage was amazing and we’re all DYING to see it again. We thought about flashing someone else and begging to see the footage again but we decided food was more important. Tune in next Tuesday for the Scream Awards on Spike to see the clip and SET YOUR DVR’s!! You’re gonna wanna watch it like 50 times. I’m already counting down the days!

I wanna hear you SCREAM!

So who’s excited?! Can’t wait till NEXT Tuesday?! UGH!

Pictures from me, Ashley, Just Jared Jr. and videos from some sneaky gal names clipgirl. Good work, Clipgirl too bad you didn’t get the whole thing.

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