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Storytime with Moon: I went to EclipseCon this weekend, what’d you do?

Dear LTT-ers,

I can honestly say I never thought I’d end up at a Twicon in my lifetime but I’ve thought a lot of things previously: I thought I’d never run a fansite/blog, I’d never create something where the words porn/peen/jorts/hot pocket were used as much as words like “the” and “and” and I never thought I’d walk into a Hot Topic on a simi-regular basis but well, we all know how this turned out. So upon hearing the cast (the trinity!) who would be there, I couldn’t ignore their siren call. So that’s how I ended up at the Eclipse Conference in Los Angeles and I was going to make the best of it! Here’s how it went down…

Whoever’s creating these events must think we’re all 100 year old farmers who get up at dawn because the very first panel was The Cullen Family at 10AM!!!!!!!!!! WTF?! How was I supposed to get all beautified for the day and over to Culver City on a Saturday morning AND get my beauty rest? Because if you know one thing about me readers, know this: I LOVE to sleep. Ask anyone, it’s true. But I hauled ass over there and skated into the biggest hotel ballroom I’ve ever seen before just as the Cullen’s were starting…

They answered some questions I don’t quite remember since they weren’t all that fascinating (this would become a theme for the day). Either Twilight fans want to hear the same ol boring questions over and over again or Creation Entertainment weeds out the good shiz like “Jackson, do you really think 100 Monkeys plays good music? Because we think it might just be a HUGE joke you’re playing on the fandom. Inquiring minds want to know, Moon row triple X.”

I mostly spent my time imagining Peter Facinelli as Mike Dexter saying “A-man-duh!!!” and where the heck Kellan was. This is a Twicon for goodness sake this is like Kellan’s Superbowl. If anyone was there it should have been Kellan! How was I going to get my prom-pose picture with him if he wasn’t there? What else better does Kellan Lutz have to do than be at a Twicon on a Saturday morning at 10am? Was he too busy making more videos about mammograms with his Mom or maybe it was prostate exams with his dad this time? Turn your head and cough, Dad!

The lovely and blonder Ashley came over to sign a huge poster thingy. Probably pissed about not being the big draw like during New Moon press. Or maybe just wondering why she said out loud if she had to pick one person to be stranded on a desert island it would be Jackson. They SO did it.

This was just some serendipity that I got this photo when Nikki came over to sign the poster thingy. Poor thing.

Then it was time for some hotties. The Bad Vamps. Bryce was a doll, her outfit, THE HAIR (no need for a wig you idiots!), her answers. She really does seem like a huge fan and talked as candidly as possible about taking over the role of Victoria. Then there was Xavier… and if I didn’t love him long time before, I loved him even longer now. What a dreamboat. Sadly, I wasn’t the only one who thought this and it led to some insane cat calling. At 11 in the morning?! Damn ladies, don’t make me turn the hose on you all. All that nonsense led me to this…

tons more shenanigans, 2nd hand embarrassing moments, and a billion more pictures after the jump

Since this isn’t my first rodeo, I came prepared. Yes, that’s an LTT/LTR be-sparkled flask. It was especially helpful during the more 2nd hand embarrassing parts (the whole day) like when grown women yelled out “take your TOP off” (what man wears a TOP?) or “I love you!” which was ALWAYS followed by some dimwit saying “I love you MORE!” No duh, idiot, you’re at a Twilight Con and you love the cast members on stage? NO!!! I would never have guessed.

When we ran out of alchie (10 minutes after I got there) I just started banging it over my head to help ease the pain.

Then Gil came out and the Twimoms swooned and we noticed his pit stains and wished they would just play the Diana Ross video he’s in. FAIL.

To help ease the annoyance I twittered to see what was up and ended up meeting tons of girls and guy (no s) while I was there. Where was the preferred meet up spot? In front of the Lion and Lamb set up on the red carpet. I KNOW, you’re saying WTF is that?! Feast your eyes…

uh YEA! Don’t think the girls didn’t put those animals into compromising positions

Yup, ride ’em cowgirl! Met up with @myRobpattinson, @mandysmind, @twifans, @miss_caino, @tinkrbe1l3, and of course @bitemebaker and @paleochicksdigs

Then we decided it was definitely time to hit up the Pink Taco (yup) for lunch and some refreshment to refuel for the afternoon…

Sangria makes the embarrassment go down easier!
Then I decided it was time to look for a hot ass outfit to wear for when I would see Rob later in the evening. And what better place to find that outfit then in the vender’s area of a Twi Con!! Duh!

A tshirt with Rob’s face on it seemed TOO OBVIOUS! I’m sure he would love to look at himself as we were uh… talking but that’s just weird.

(that’s NOT VPL, that’s my pants!)
Yes, what else could I wear to see Rob in than a Twilight embossed and embroidered leather jacket?! It has the Cullen crest on it after all! And for the bargain price of 200 dollars! That’s a steal when you think about it… you could even start your own biker gang with that!

Of course I picked up a Twilight themed umbrella for all those rainy days we get in Los Angeles

Then I needed to complete the look so I picked up one of those ugly beautiful replica engagement rings. Be prepared! it’s the boy scout and Twilight fans motto!

After getting my HOT outfit we wanted to tell the Twilight conversation heart people how gross those things were but then we saw their cute props and we had to take some pics

who needs the Eclipse ribbon (that I lost) to obscure our faces any more? We’ve got these huge hearts!

Our cheerleading squad’s colors are black and black. Like our hearts.

Strolling through the vender area we saw all kinds of costumes…

Someone got laid that night.

And then this girl took the cake…

There’s a wolf ON YOUR HEAD!! (and a fanny pack around your waist!)

Then I decided to show her a thing or two and struck a pose with the fabric Jacob wall hanging. What in the world you’d do with this I’m still trying to figure out

Then I found a couple new chairs for my dining room table. What do you think? @paleochicksdigs shows me her best Pier One modeling look

And some motorcycles! How handy that the Twicon offered so many options in the venders room, not only can I get leather jackets and fabric hangings I can find chairs and motorcycles! Thanks Creation Entertainment!

While we looked around guess who we saw?!

Yup, that’s right THE mamarazzi, aka BooBoo Stewart’s mom! I wonder if she was tweeting about counting the money as we took this picture. Oh and ps Booboo has a single on itunes. Don’t think we won’t be breaking that one down in the future!

Then we saw Canada’s Michelle and we posed it up next to someones bedsheet with Bella’s truck on it

We’d had enough of that so I ran into to hear some of our fellow site owners panel on running a Twilight fansite. Rumor has it we were even referred to in the first fansite panel! REPPIN’ LTT! @twilightlexicon modded the panel with @twiexaminer @kalebnation @twimoms @hisgoldeneyes (totes love the Carey Mulligan look!), @twilighters, @twilightfb and @twifans (us and Twifans be reunited again this week when we meet up with SMeyer!)

Then the part of the Wolfpack came out: Alex, Julia and Chaske and of course my battery was pretty much dead. So I turned it off to hopefully save it for a special moment when the Trinity would be on stage. Check the other sites for awesome pictures video of Alex doing some crazy dance/martial arts thing and for Julia Jone’s HOT outfit.

Then finally after delays, hand claps, the wave and mad dashes to the restroom it was time!

THE TRINITY was here and we were treated to one of the most awkward, weird, cute, funny, ODD panel’s EVER. There’s about 8 billion videos and photos out there so I’ll let you comb through those but Rob said “nachos” talked about “his son” (yes, I’m pregnant folks!) and “butt chunks.” Yes, Rob had another one of his special non-filter moments. KStew was… well KStew. Loved her outfit. And Taylor was the one who tried to pull it together per usual, the best part was when, after Rob and Kristen kept making fun of him he turned his chair around so his back was towards them and talked to the crowd.

(photo from @Miss_Caino)
Take that! Another highlight was when Rob asked Taylor if he “slept with the baby” and then Taylor zinged him back and said “don’t you two sleep together?” HEEEYYOOOO!! It’s all coming out now! I bet Taylor felt a bit vindicated to finally get to say that after all their top secret (not so secret) shenanigans

(photo from @Miss_Caino)
This is how I felt when they answered questions about wearing wigs and contacts. Seriously, questions about contacts?! WHat is this 2008, Twilight press junket?! COME ON! I have to give Kristen props though for acknowledging the mess what was her wig. Whew. I won’t even go into her usual attitude at these events, cause it was no different here but I don’t think there’s any changing her, so I won’t waste my breath.

Then they were off and we were sorta glad (but not really) because the screaming was causing a massive headache and we really needed to get outta there so we could eat and debrief on the whole day. So we skipped off to find snacks and recount out favorite and weirdest moments from the day. And I sat down to write out a new list of stuff I thought I’d never do but will ultimately end up doing…

Skydiving? Twilight tattoo? What will it be?

PS Loved meeting everyone at the event and will see you and the rest of the fandom in 15 days!

Would you ever go to a Twicon? Have you been? Were you there and we didn’t meet (NOOO!!) Favorite video of awful question from the event?

Check out Twifans for their awesome photos from the event 1
Miss_Caino’s amazing album of photos

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • Than lion has a horse face. Just sayin’.

    *back to reading rest of the post*

    • Aw Moon, wish I coulda been there to play with the giant conversation hearts too. Seems like you had an amazing day!

    • BrookeLockart

      You have a very keen sense of observation (just like Bella)

  • Ummm, I totally watched a 30 minute video of the Trinity from this shindig that Xy sent me. Srsly.
    She also pointed out to me that K gave Rob the finger after he said his fave film was The Runaways. LMAO!
    The fangirl screaming was MAYJAH cringey. I don’t know how the Holy Trinity handle it. It would freak me out.
    Anywho. OMG Tay’s call on Rob was AHMAYZING!!! Zing!
    And I totally heart Rob’s inability to filter what he says. It’s way more entertaining this way.

    • Xylem108

      Yay! You watched it. That event was amazing. For the record I was not lucky enough to be there. I just forwarded a vid I found on Robssessed. It is my personal hope that the brills ladies of LTT will break it down some day. There is so much tired and unfiltered Rob in it. Sigh

      That screaming was beyond ridiculous. I totally get Stew’s tude. Way to take one for the team Moon!

    • Dearest Jayde, feel free to send me this 30min video… ;o)

      • I shall, dear Kat!

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  • allryans

    I feel uncomfortable. Just reading.

    Imma go naked skydiving now. Something normal.

    • tuesdaymidnight

      “Uncomfortable” is exactly the word I was going to use. A parachute can’t chafe that much, can it?

    • JennB

      Yeah, those Twicon things are just filled with facepalm. I couldn’t deal. It’s too much.

  • Stacey

    Wow… the lion & lamb setup was REAL. I thought it was a joke, but no they went there. I’ll have to get one of those fancy taylor wall hangings in the Edward version, actually no I will never will.

    I love that Rob mentioned the “baby” to Taylor and Taylor gave it right back to him.

    I am so glad you had fun Moon! I was thinking about you at Twicon when my daughter was attempting to paint her baby brother with sparkle paint because,”he’s prettier when he’s sparkly.” I then laughed for about a hour, while husband freaked out about our “sparkly son”. I’m sure you saw some special body shimmer glitter for sale, because you can’t have Twilight without the sparkle.

    • “Sparkly son” – fantastic.

    • oh the edward one was ALL SOLD OUT! seriously everything edward was gone.

      • Stacey

        Poor lil Taylor/Jacob. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

        • eatmyjorts

          He’s just hanging in the wrong location! All the truly coo girls (apols Moon) are too coo to be at LoonyCon & are off saving rainforests or something. They’d go for Taycob.

          As would DJ, Sj, cough*me*cough…& maaany others.

  • kat

    I have waited for this recap all weekend long. God, I’m sad. Thanks for giving us the non-freak-out version of the day.

    I knew I could count on Moon to keep it real. For serious. Like tweed.

    • robzanne

      fab recount – big up for the return of the eclipse ribbons!

      • i gotta go crop out the real ribbon so i can use it again. i lost it when my computer crashed a few months ago, so ghetto red bars will have to do for now

        • TeamSeth

          I think I have a psd file of it. I’ll look for it and shoot you an email tonight (if I remember)

  • Alice_NaA

    “Then Gil came out and the Twimoms swooned and we noticed his pit stains and wished they would just play the Diana Ross video he’s in.” Whahaha

    And I know you’re just crazy jealous you didn’t think about those Cullen crest biker jackets for the LTT store first.

    • tis true. SOOOOO true. we need an ltt biker jacket. then we’ll be a real gang

      • You know the jacket wouldn’t have been SO bad if they had left the large Twilight off the base… I would even consider buying it and slapping myself after without the Twilight part… It looks like someone thought ‘man this jacket would look bad ass if bedazzled!’ and then a very large & precise bird came flying overhead and pooped out the logo on the bottom… sad day.

  • superhumanmoron

    A Twicon with no Kellan is like non-alcoholic beer. Sadness.

    • It’s weird Kellan was there but he didn’t do that panel…. maybe Summit shunned him for holding out on BD

      • Alice_NaA

        hehe I can totally picture him crying backstage and asking his castmades whether they spotted some team Emmet or Kellan T-shirts or signs. Poor guy.

    • Stacey

      Poor Kellan! I bet his mom was there to give him a BIG hug and talk more about boobs.

      They then can meet up with BooBoo’s mom and have a conference about milking this Twilight thing for all it’s worth.

    • seriously, it was like a day without sunshine, a meadow without a rainbow, a twimom without a red carpet in her basement.

      SO sad.

      and the weird thing is that he was at the press event in the same hotel. probably too busy demonstrating the proper two finger technique for breast self exams to the lady journalists…

  • Wow that was Nikki in that picture? At first it totally looked like SMeyer with the hair (and that dress).

    Loved your recap of EclipseCon… all I can say is better you than me… I probably wouldn’t have seen half of anything with all the face palming I’d be doing.

  • FacePunch

    I can’t believe you have an LTT/LTR flask. That’s EPIC.

    Thanx for all the pixx. I feel like I was there… and totally embarrassed right along with you. That lion and lamb is TOO MUCH. God, that’s embarrassing.

    But that leather jacket is bitchin’. And Moon I love your skull shirt, er… TOP! 😀

    “and then Taylor zinged him back and said “don’t you two sleep together?”

    Bitchy! Hahaha

    And what the HALE is going on with Nikki’s dress? Did you like it?

    That picture of Rob in the chair is hilarious.

    Funny stuff as always! Thanks for the report! *salutes*

    • we always knew taylor was bitchy deep down. he just needed the perfect moment to let the cattiness fly.

  • Sounds like a lot of 2nd hand embarressing fun!!!

  • BayWolf

    Dammit – my comment just disapeared – oh well..

    Thank you for writing about the event – I would go, if it wasn’t such a long way from home – and I would probably equally love it and hate it!

    It would be fun, if nothing else, then just to say that I did it – like so many other things I’ve done in my life;-)

    Haven’t yet seen the videos – but am actually looking forward to seeing some of the trinity-vids when i come home:-)


  • shleeeigh

    Moon, I’m so glad that you go to these things and report back so I don’t have to. Thank you! (And thank you again for keeping it real and taking a flask o’booze – great minds think alike!)

  • KinkyKiss

    We were totes suppose to go, but I forgot…
    Looks like you had a great time, tho!
    Way jealous!

  • Twipam

    LOVE’D Taylor’s come back…
    The Lion and the lamb.. ARE U FREAKING SERIOUS??!!!

    DEF many 2nf hand embarrasements… but I’m all there with you… Did seem like osmething fun to do just to say you’ve done it… Wish I wasn’t on the East Coast so I could pose with all that Twi-parafinalia… Glad u had fun

  • I just can’t know this…

  • p.s. I love you, Moon, and @bitemebaker.
    p.p.s. Last night I watched a show with REAL vampires and REAL wolves. No, seriously…REAL wolves. HBO don’t play ’round with no CGI shiz. Also…Eric was naked. And as hot and delicious as all that was, I decided then & there that I’d never attend a True Blood con. ‘Cause folks would be all naked up in that piece.

    Wait. Maybe naked would be better than a stuffed wolf on someone’s head…
    Lemme rethink this.

    • Stacey

      I completely agree! Can you imagine the Q&A at that conference. It would be very dirty.

      How I love that show!

      • Ladies just let me know when and I’m probably there!

        I watched the premiere with my best friend and my favorite quote of the night was after Sam’s dream she said:
        There is a lot of cloth-less men in this episode. Clothing optional.

        This is why she is my best friend.

  • SarahG

    Thanks for the awesome recap! I was following your tweets, but got confused about what exactly was going on.

    The lion and the lamb set-up looks like something leftover from a church VBS week. I do own some Twi paraphernalia, but that stuff at the convention is hardcore! $200 for a Cullen-crested leather jacket? I think I’ll just save my money to invest in one that will still be stylish 20 years from now. I would definitely go to one of these, but they need to come to the eastcoast! I know they’ll never make it down south, so I can at least request eastcoast.

    • Bea

      It does look like VBS decor!

    • superhumanmoron

      Where are you, Sarah?

      • SarahG

        Dude, I am in BFE Alabama! Where are you?

        • superhumanmoron

          Nashville. For a second there I thought I knew who you were…..!!!

          • SarahG

            Hahaha! I don’t think anyone here knows me. My friends think Twi has jumped the shark, so I’m the only one in my circle that follows this blog anymore.

  • I need to go watch the vids from this now and see some of the craziness myself. This is the first thing I’ve read for EclipseCon so far. That lion & lamb set up is ridiculous. *facepalm*

  • Candy

    I would definitely go, but I’d take my daughters and pretend I was just there as a supportive mom.

    • aleisha

      This is exactly what I’m doing at the midnight showing of Eclipse… just going to be a supportive stepmom b/c of course I’d wait til all the hype and crowds died down to go see it myself. uh huh

      • Candy

        He he, me too. 11:59, 6/29 – because I love my girls! Nothing to do with my inappropriate lust for Jacob.

  • Robjunkie

    Why the hale is Nikki Reed dressed like a Sunday school teacher? I’m no fashionista and I usually don’t give two hoots about what people wear (case in point: Rob) but girlfriend is having mucho problemo dressing herself these days. Fuuuglyyyy!

    • Deb

      I totally agree with you; the last number of pics I’ve seen of Nikki reed have definitely been in the WTF style category – too tent-like & unflattering!

  • sassysmart

    So thankful you are always willing to take one for the team. Cause my ass would be in The Betty after something like that.

    • JennB

      I love that you’re calling purgatory or being in trouble “The Betty” because that is my MIL’s name and she is nothing but trouble!! Thanks!

      • delilah439

        Im guessing The Betty is in reference to the Betty Ford Clinic, for recovering alcoholics. Which I guess could be a form of purgatory. Anyways, I like to randomly pop up here and there with useless Minnesota trivia 🙂

  • embarrassedblogger

    taylor ftw! hilarious!
    i wonder if a twicon, complete with the trinity, will ever come to mississippi??? i probably shouldn’t hold my breath haha

  • operarose

    You are clearly the most amazing fansite ever….you bring a LTT/LTR flask to a fan convention. You need a merch booth at the conventions because at least your items are useful. The only thing I can think of doing with the Jacob tapestry is using it as a curtain; it might ward off burglars who will be too freaked out to break the window and steal your stuff when they realize your crap might just be useless Twilight stuff. The chairs remind me of the chair in the painting by Francis Bacon of, essentially, a guy getting electrocuted.

    Despite the 2nd hand embarrassment I’d totally go to a convention if I lived in the same city… it seems like something everyone should experience once in their lives 😉

  • BrookeLockart

    I keep telling myself that I’d never go, but let’s be honest – you know I’d be there in a heartbeat to make fun of myself and all the crazies. Any pattinson pants sightings?

  • StotheP

    Woah. Thanks for taking one for the team, Moon! Full-body cringe, here.

    It’s only going to get worse, ya know. The conferences will never die. There will be anniversaries. Years from now the less-successful members of the Wolf Pack will be strutting around a stage reliving the glory days of when a six-pack referred to abs instead of Ensure. Boo-boo will finally be old enough to drink and will be hitting on all the Renesmees who got dragged there by mothers who hope their daughters will finally appreciate the beauty of their names. 100 Monkeys will be playing in the lounge, looking like the Rolling Stones except without all the hits.

    • Stacey

      I want to be there for that one. With a large thermos of gin or vodka. I don’t care which, as long as I am COMPLETELY wasted for all of it.

    • howtobe

      omg thatd be funny if it weren’t TRUE. Poor poor poor future Reneesmes 🙁

    • “looking like the Rolling Stones except without all the hits.”

      HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA best ever.

    • Fast Forward in 60 years, has been actors turning in embarassing singers for 80 yo ladies in extasy in front of their eternal love. True story, we aready have this here, concerts are full, bras being thrown on the stag. t’s only a matter of time.

  • I continually give you & the LA girls props for subjecting yourselves to this on our behalf. Holla! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see you in 12 DAYS!!!! EEEEEEP!!!

  • lapushbaby

    Wow. WOW. The things you do for us!!

    That girl with the fanny pack has to be a reader. She is being wolfgirl on the top, and Dad-Rob on the bottom!! Really, people in LA do not carry fanny packs, right? I mean, really.

    Also, my friend gave me a gift of Edward Sweethearts she picked up in Blockbuster. She said when she went back the next day to return her movie, all that was left was Jacob and Bella! lol.

    Thanks again, although I do not want to go to a Con, I love knowing this is out there….

  • aleisha

    I never understand why people just scream and scream at these things… if you’re gonna risk “exposure” and go to a public Twilight event, at least use the time to ask some good questions (i.e. Taylor, did you talk to Oregano to research how it feels to be rejected for Robward?).

    • howtobe

      I wonder about the screaming as well. Why do people scream when they see famous people anywhere? It’s like, “Hey! There are some actors from my favorite movie! I’m gonna scream in their faces and scare the shit outta them and give Kristen more PTS/anxiety issues.”

    • Luludee

      For realz. Screaming the whole time defeats the point of a frakking CONVENTION. I tried to watch part of a video from it last night, but I couldn’t hear a damn word they were saying for all the Twihards in the audience screaming.

      Does Cafe press offer a flask?? If so, UC and Moon need to get on that, stat. It should be the #1 essential item for surviving a Twilight convention. Hmm, that would be a great letter, if it doesn’t already exist.

  • Heidi’sMom

    Dumb question, but those chairs and the bikes were just props from the movie, right? To clarify, they were NOT for sale, right? ‘Cause the possibility of that makes me fear for humanity.

    • Heidi’sMom

      Okay, now that I looked at this on my desktop at home as opposed to my BlackBerry at work, I am convinced they are props from the movie that are there to be admired, not purchased. Because that sh*t is not normal.

  • Tiffany

    I watched 1.2 minutes of the youtube videos. I couldn’t handle the secondhand embarrassment. it boggles my mind that grown women behave in such a way. dude. im totally a closet twilight fan you people are the only ones who know my secret. I plan on seeing Eclipse alone. in a different city. and in disguise. haha
    I don’t know how you can handle a room full of horny/crazy women who shout inappropriate things at celebrities, but i tip my hat to you moon. your commentary is always hilarious and i commend you for taking one for the team.

  • JustGoWithIt

    (Unrelated to Twicon) I never thought I would actually buy a movie DVD, and watch it over and over again.
    I bought the New Moon DVD the other day at Blockbuster, which I have since hidden in a bookshelf to avoid harassment from friends and family. The tween girl in line in front of me gave me multiple knowing grins while in line. The cashier asked me if I’d seen “Twilight”, and if I liked it. She then answered her own question with “I guess you did, since you are buying this”.

  • Robjunkie

    Stop the presses! In other breaking news, Robstens are storming the streets baying for blood, while Nonstens stand on the sidelines cackling like hyenas.
    The cause of all this alarm? In an appearance on the Today show, popular vampire actor Robin Paddleston told host Jenna Bush that he “wants to go on dates.” Paddleston then went on to say that he’s “just putting it out there.” This, dear readers, is cause for grave concern. Whatever could Mr Paddleston mean? Is this a cry for some skanky ho action, or does Mr Paddleston mean that he wants to go on dates with his rumoured lady love, Krispin Blewart? Teams of analysts have already started arriving in Los Angeles to begin work on “Operation What Does He Meaannn??!!” They will have to work around the clock to uncover the mysteries of Paddleston’s statements, which also appear to be wrapped in an enigma. These analysts will no doubt have to employ some very potent social networking methods. For now, the world waits, with bated breath.

    • and in between 2 takes, being bored with Reese’s PC conversation, someone will laugh at the storm of his joke/game.dare/ lost bet….
      This being said, where can I apply for the ho position?

  • TeamSeth

    That flask idea is brilliant! I smell a new LTT/LTR merch item…and it smells like little bottles.

  • Chelsea (@BiteMebaker)

    Oh my stars. That day was so chocked full of 2nd Hand Embarrassment I was getting a headache from it.

    Moon you forgot to put in how we started the Concert Encore Clap while waiting for the Trinity to show up. Oh and that @MyRobPattinson & I started the Wave! Yup, we got the WHOLE convection room to do the wave. Breaking Dawn DVD extras, Here we come!

    I’m still recovering from #CrazyCon.

  • this was awesome! and so funny:)

    very jealous you got to attend and of your hawt leather jacket.

    i have to add you to my blog roll.

    peace, love, twilight!

  • I rarely comment here (mostly on ltr) but here goes..

    I was SOOO close to going to this thing and I totally chickened out! I didnt know any normal ppl going at the time but I’m SOOO glad you had the balls to do this! props to you moon and @bitemebaker and @paleochicksdigs!! love the breakdown!!

    psst..I hear u are all going to leno tomorrow too! me too!

  • Story time with Moon = one of my favorite ways to wake up, aka what I read at lunch.

    PS None of your hearts are black.

  • Jenn

    You Rock! Love the flask!

  • Aw, I wish I could have gone! But far from being second hand embarrassing, this was the second best thing to not being there myself. Great job, Moon! Oh, and I totes want my own LTT flask now. 😉

  • Wow. I just watched a little bit of the T/K/R panel on YouTube and am amazed at the idiocy of some people (not to mention my own idiocy for actually looking it up…). The screaming is just…wow. Do not get it.

    • Bea

      I’m in the midst of watching now… I think even KStew’s 2nd hand embarassed.

      • Good luck with that. I got through two segments before I slapped myself and got up to do something productive.

        And YES, I think they’re all 2nd hand embarrassed!

  • hepburn

    Question: Did mamarazzi have an entire merchandise stand devoted to all things Boo-Boo? *shudders*

    • Stacey

      Of course she does. I’m sure she burned CDs from his single on iTunes and sold them with his autograph. That little boy is going to be next Justin Bieber. Oh good god no.

  • Owning It

    When I began reading this breakdown, I thought we were going to play a game of ‘I Never…’ And nothing makes the truth go down smoother than drinking from a LTT Flask! Can’t wait to buy one — hint hint

  • Ezzie

    I kinda wish I could have gone (even tho I live halfway across the country) but I think I would have missed a lot of what went on with all the 2nd hand embarassment I’d be feeling. Glad you had fun, though.

    P.S. I really want that flask!

  • natalie_MKH

    Great Job, Moon!! I enjoy reading about your experience. Being assured that it’s ‘normal’ to want to shove a sparkly peen down the throats of those people screaming (They’ll definately take you seriousy then) at them to take their shirts off. Wondering how and why an eight year old even knows who Kiowa is let alone what his favorite book is. Needless to say they never asked any of my questions. Can only guess as to why… (My experience at Twicon Chicago last year. You better believe I’ll be there this year. Umm…KELLAN!!! I think my firend and I could over power him into some compromising position for the photo session.)

  • roslynstephanieselene

    Nope! Sorry. I’ll NEVER go to a convention…not even if Rob was attending. Mostly because of fear from dying of 2nd hand embarrassment. I’m “li’trally” cringing at the moment after reading your experience with the ‘crazies’. P.S I’ve noticed that cringing and Twilight go hand in hand. It’s TRUE!

  • Loved the play by play tweets from Con! I’d need a flask for that kind of epic noise too!

  • lindsaylee

    Wow, I’m usually quite up to date on twi events… I clearly missed that this was happening
    Glad I follow y’all! Thanks for going UC!

  • Confused

    Uh, I’m confused. The sarcastic display you make on this page re: the convention begs me to ask: ‘WHY DID YOU GO?” “ARE YOU REALLY FAN OF TWILIGHT?” “IF NOT, THEN WHY WASTE YOUR TIME AND OUR TIME WRITING THIS CRAP?”

    You were lucky to be at the biggest and best Twi-con ever and you’re basically dissing not only the event but everything about it. WTF?!

    I’m still trying to figure out your point. And not only that, but why are you covering your faces. If you’re going to take the time to slam the convention and it’s partakers, you can at least stand up and face the world and show us who you are.

    You disrespected Gil of all people. I’ve met him at our convention last year and he is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met…sweaty arm pits or not. He came to our convention in Jersey and he was wonderful. Did you really have to write about his sweaty arm pits? He’s a wonderful singer as well. I take it you didn’t go to his concert. I wish he was returning.

    Then you just blew off the wolfpack as if they didn’t count! Just completely disrespectful. I’ve never met ‘Leah’ but I’ve met both Chaske & Alex and I tell you they are absolutely wonderful people. Funny and kind. Even if you had no pictures, you’d think you would have written something about them..but yet again, I’m glad you didn’t because it just would have been ignorant.

    I wish I had any of the Cullens at our convention last year or this year. And you have the nerve to complain that Kellan wasn’t there?!

    People like you and your pals make me sick making a farce of the franchise. If you don’t like it or things are going the way you want them, shut down this stupid blog and go watch Harry Potter or the Transformer franchise movies and just leave Twilight alone because the last thing we need are ungrateful so-called fans. We hear a lot of this crap from the Avatar/Dark Knight fanboys. We don’t need it from fly-by-night Twilight fans…or prentenders!!

    It truly saddens me that you made a joke out of something I would have died to be at. I would have appreciated it. Heck, I would have loved to see the motorcycles or the lion and the lamb. They should have held that convention in NY where we would have given it the respect it deserved. You people out west are spoiled brats and don’t appreciate anything.

    Your commentary was ridiculous and a waste of time. You should have saved your money.

    • your name is right on the money. confused. you are, cause apparently you don’t read here on a regular basis.

      OBVIOUSLY i’m a huge fan of twilight! i run a blog about it and i went to twilight conference for goodness sake. i LOVE this shiz. But that being said there’s a lot of funny stuff about it! Look at these pictures!! It’s funny! It’s good to laugh at the funny stuff!

      I’m not sure how I dissed Gil cause we love him, I pointed out a pit stain, who cares?

      And then you said I don’t even talk about the wolfpack, did you read what I said, my battery died! I’m not going to spend 20 hours relaying every little fact about the conference. I don’t have the time. But they were in fact one of my favorite parts of the day. Julia is awesome and the guys were funny.

      Learn to laugh at yourself and the funny stuff about Twilight and I swear life will be a lot more fun!


      • JodieO

        Yeah, go read Harry Potter, you jerk! I heard some other lamewads got together and even formed a book club!

        (You should join)


        • shameless plug!

          • JodieO

            I had to get it in soon before this fly-by-night blog goes away.

          • toooldforthis

            @JodieO – You forgot prentenders.

      • roslynstephanieselene

        T-t-t-totally Dude! West Coast FTMFW! Woooo! Confused, don’t make me get all LA ghetto gangsta on you! I’ll bring Moon, Snoop, and 2pac(if he were alive). You can bring UC, Biggie Smalls(if he were alive), Puff Daddy aka P.Diddy aka Diddy aka Puffy aka Puff aka Who-gives-a-shiz-I’ll-just-call-you-SeanCombs THEN we’ll settle this old school. WAIT! before you recruit, I hope you read the sarcasm I used just now(that’s the problem w/us Cali girls). Actually, I don’t know how to ‘get down w/the gangsta kids’ since I am more of a South Pasadena kind of girl. It’s sad but true. :'(

    • FINALLY- someone telling Moon what is UP. I’ve been telling her what a spoiled brat she & the entire west coast is for about 2 days now.

      Moon HOW could you Disrespect Gil. Now seriously. I’m going to tell Stephenie on you when we meet her this week

      and WHY dind’t you report on the 100 monkey’s concert that night?? is the “Banager” too sweaty for you TOO??

      • no 100 Monkeys is TOO GOOD for the west coast, they only play for you east coast folks! how can we ever top your 100 monkeys concert storytime??

        im sure gil would want us to disrespect him nice and sllllooowwwww *does the respect hands*

        • Freya

          *Respect Hands*! You know that’s how he likes it.

      • If I was hating Moon this week, I would ask you to fire her due to her disrespect of Gil, his bit stains, and general West Coatedness. But because I am not hating her this week, I would like you to instead only punish her severly by making her move somewhere in the world where there is no sarcasm. Where was that? New Jersey? No really, that can’t be right…..

        • In this sarcasm-less world let there also be bit stains, instead of pit stains.

        • do i get unemployment from being fired from a twilight blog? weekly gift cards to hot topic?

          • And Burger King… DUH. That is Labor Blog Relations LAW 101.

          • TeamSeth

            I think so. Of course, we all risk unemployment daily by reading this fly-by-night masterpiece…

          • Stacey

            Burger King would totally make you wear the very special Twilight Eclipse crown.

    • mrafiki19

      I can’t believe you spent that much time writing a response when you obviously haven’t spent enough time learning the meaning of the word SARCASM… Go review a few more posts – you’ll learn the word AND laugh like you’ve never laughed before!

    • Ashton, is that you?

      PS Thumbs up for your obvious sarcastic cleverness


      • BrOoKe LoCkArT

        Janey, Were you scared a little bit with the bloggy panel and Twi Moms? I was and I feared a backlash on poor Moonie who would be caught in the crossfire.

        BTW – THIS SUCKS. I can’t play online that much at work and I miss this whole mess. FOR SHAME!

    • operarose

      I love how confused Calls this a “fly-by-night” blog. So kick ass. Kind of Order of the Phoenix-ish. Would “Order of the Forks” work? ….hmm, no, too Twi-conventiony.

      I would suggest that Confused stick around to see what amazing fans all of us are. We love Twilight…except for when we hate it.

      Confused, to quote Aro, your gift is too much to throw away. Please consider joining us. (See? I’m a “real fan”! I quote Aro!)

      • blvr

        I, too, love the “fly-by-night” comment. I’m assuming that *confused* used it in to mean that LTT hasn’t been around long and won’t be for long either. I mean, a personal interview with SM pretty much is the death-knell of any “fly-by-night” twilight blog.** Too bad, I really enjoyed hanging out with all of you :).

        Loved the break-down of the convention, Moon, it was just as bad as I imagined it to be! I am digging that Twilight leather jacket though, for reals.

        **just in case you need it *confused*, sarcasm alert.

    • same

      Sense of humor. Get one. Seriously, you can google it.

      • eatmyjorts

        I am pretty much crying with laughter here…Gil’s pits have kept me entertained for hours since I first read that on here earlier…& now the fantastically named *confused* wades in….oh sweet pea, the love is what fuels the sarcasm. Seriously.

      • TeamSeth
    • Stacey

      It’s okay to love something and completely make fun of it. I have two of those things:
      1. Breaking Dawn, I am equal parts frightened and loving it.
      2. My husband, because I make fun of him daily. And that’s true love.

    • toooldforthis

      This post has Twi-Mom written all over it.

      • Word to your mother!

      • TeamSeth

        I can see it spouted from the podium at the end of the red carpet in basement. H-O-T.

        • toooldforthis

          OMG – Do you have a spy-cam set up in my house?

    • ChillinWithCullens

      “Confused,” can you run along and play, honey? The big girls are trying to talk.

    • roslynstephanieselene

      In the words of ‘Katy Perry’ and a few by ME:

      California girls
      We’re unforgettable
      Daisy Dukes
      Bikinis on top
      Sun-kissed skin
      So hot
      we’ll melt your (Rob)sicle
      Oooooh Oh Oooooh

      California gurls
      We’re undeniable
      Fine, fresh, fierce
      We got it on lock
      West coast represent
      Now put your (glitter-lubed) hands up
      Oooooh Oh Oooooh

      P.S: What now, yo?

    • natalie_MKH

      At least she took SOME pictures. I was so bored at one point I took a picture of my foot.

  • Dear Moon,

    Please know that whenever I’ll be in LA I will stalk you and get your autograph and take a pic with you and said FLASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Twi-hard style. Cause anybody who is brave enough to go without wig/glasses/fake mustache… PLUS has the brightest idea of a branded flask must have her/his own fandom.

    With acute fondness,

    • i will gladly take a picture with you, but only if the pose is of me pouring from the flask into your mouth!

      DRINK THE KOOLAID!!!!!!!!

      ps srsly come to LA!!

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