Storytime with Moon: I went to EclipseCon this weekend, what’d you do?

Dear LTT-ers,

I can honestly say I never thought I’d end up at a Twicon in my lifetime but I’ve thought a lot of things previously: I thought I’d never run a fansite/blog, I’d never create something where the words porn/peen/jorts/hot pocket were used as much as words like “the” and “and” and I never thought I’d walk into a Hot Topic on a simi-regular basis but well, we all know how this turned out. So upon hearing the cast (the trinity!) who would be there, I couldn’t ignore their siren call. So that’s how I ended up at the Eclipse Conference in Los Angeles and I was going to make the best of it! Here’s how it went down…

Whoever’s creating these events must think we’re all 100 year old farmers who get up at dawn because the very first panel was The Cullen Family at 10AM!!!!!!!!!! WTF?! How was I supposed to get all beautified for the day and over to Culver City on a Saturday morning AND get my beauty rest? Because if you know one thing about me readers, know this: I LOVE to sleep. Ask anyone, it’s true. But I hauled ass over there and skated into the biggest hotel ballroom I’ve ever seen before just as the Cullen’s were starting…

They answered some questions I don’t quite remember since they weren’t all that fascinating (this would become a theme for the day). Either Twilight fans want to hear the same ol boring questions over and over again or Creation Entertainment weeds out the good shiz like “Jackson, do you really think 100 Monkeys plays good music? Because we think it might just be a HUGE joke you’re playing on the fandom. Inquiring minds want to know, Moon row triple X.”

I mostly spent my time imagining Peter Facinelli as Mike Dexter saying “A-man-duh!!!” and where the heck Kellan was. This is a Twicon for goodness sake this is like Kellan’s Superbowl. If anyone was there it should have been Kellan! How was I going to get my prom-pose picture with him if he wasn’t there? What else better does Kellan Lutz have to do than be at a Twicon on a Saturday morning at 10am? Was he too busy making more videos about mammograms with his Mom or maybe it was prostate exams with his dad this time? Turn your head and cough, Dad!

The lovely and blonder Ashley came over to sign a huge poster thingy. Probably pissed about not being the big draw like during New Moon press. Or maybe just wondering why she said out loud if she had to pick one person to be stranded on a desert island it would be Jackson. They SO did it.

This was just some serendipity that I got this photo when Nikki came over to sign the poster thingy. Poor thing.

Then it was time for some hotties. The Bad Vamps. Bryce was a doll, her outfit, THE HAIR (no need for a wig you idiots!), her answers. She really does seem like a huge fan and talked as candidly as possible about taking over the role of Victoria. Then there was Xavier… and if I didn’t love him long time before, I loved him even longer now. What a dreamboat. Sadly, I wasn’t the only one who thought this and it led to some insane cat calling. At 11 in the morning?! Damn ladies, don’t make me turn the hose on you all. All that nonsense led me to this…

tons more shenanigans, 2nd hand embarrassing moments, and a billion more pictures after the jump

Since this isn’t my first rodeo, I came prepared. Yes, that’s an LTT/LTR be-sparkled flask. It was especially helpful during the more 2nd hand embarrassing parts (the whole day) like when grown women yelled out “take your TOP off” (what man wears a TOP?) or “I love you!” which was ALWAYS followed by some dimwit saying “I love you MORE!” No duh, idiot, you’re at a Twilight Con and you love the cast members on stage? NO!!! I would never have guessed.

When we ran out of alchie (10 minutes after I got there) I just started banging it over my head to help ease the pain.

Then Gil came out and the Twimoms swooned and we noticed his pit stains and wished they would just play the Diana Ross video he’s in. FAIL.

To help ease the annoyance I twittered to see what was up and ended up meeting tons of girls and guy (no s) while I was there. Where was the preferred meet up spot? In front of the Lion and Lamb set up on the red carpet. I KNOW, you’re saying WTF is that?! Feast your eyes…

uh YEA! Don’t think the girls didn’t put those animals into compromising positions

Yup, ride ’em cowgirl! Met up with @myRobpattinson, @mandysmind, @twifans, @miss_caino, @tinkrbe1l3, and of course @bitemebaker and @paleochicksdigs

Then we decided it was definitely time to hit up the Pink Taco (yup) for lunch and some refreshment to refuel for the afternoon…

Sangria makes the embarrassment go down easier!
Then I decided it was time to look for a hot ass outfit to wear for when I would see Rob later in the evening. And what better place to find that outfit then in the vender’s area of a Twi Con!! Duh!

A tshirt with Rob’s face on it seemed TOO OBVIOUS! I’m sure he would love to look at himself as we were uh… talking but that’s just weird.

(that’s NOT VPL, that’s my pants!)
Yes, what else could I wear to see Rob in than a Twilight embossed and embroidered leather jacket?! It has the Cullen crest on it after all! And for the bargain price of 200 dollars! That’s a steal when you think about it… you could even start your own biker gang with that!

Of course I picked up a Twilight themed umbrella for all those rainy days we get in Los Angeles

Then I needed to complete the look so I picked up one of those ugly beautiful replica engagement rings. Be prepared! it’s the boy scout and Twilight fans motto!

After getting my HOT outfit we wanted to tell the Twilight conversation heart people how gross those things were but then we saw their cute props and we had to take some pics

who needs the Eclipse ribbon (that I lost) to obscure our faces any more? We’ve got these huge hearts!

Our cheerleading squad’s colors are black and black. Like our hearts.

Strolling through the vender area we saw all kinds of costumes…

Someone got laid that night.

And then this girl took the cake…

There’s a wolf ON YOUR HEAD!! (and a fanny pack around your waist!)

Then I decided to show her a thing or two and struck a pose with the fabric Jacob wall hanging. What in the world you’d do with this I’m still trying to figure out

Then I found a couple new chairs for my dining room table. What do you think? @paleochicksdigs shows me her best Pier One modeling look

And some motorcycles! How handy that the Twicon offered so many options in the venders room, not only can I get leather jackets and fabric hangings I can find chairs and motorcycles! Thanks Creation Entertainment!

While we looked around guess who we saw?!

Yup, that’s right THE mamarazzi, aka BooBoo Stewart’s mom! I wonder if she was tweeting about counting the money as we took this picture. Oh and ps Booboo has a single on itunes. Don’t think we won’t be breaking that one down in the future!

Then we saw Canada’s Michelle and we posed it up next to someones bedsheet with Bella’s truck on it

We’d had enough of that so I ran into to hear some of our fellow site owners panel on running a Twilight fansite. Rumor has it we were even referred to in the first fansite panel! REPPIN’ LTT! @twilightlexicon modded the panel with @twiexaminer @kalebnation @twimoms @hisgoldeneyes (totes love the Carey Mulligan look!), @twilighters, @twilightfb and @twifans (us and Twifans be reunited again this week when we meet up with SMeyer!)

Then the part of the Wolfpack came out: Alex, Julia and Chaske and of course my battery was pretty much dead. So I turned it off to hopefully save it for a special moment when the Trinity would be on stage. Check the other sites for awesome pictures video of Alex doing some crazy dance/martial arts thing and for Julia Jone’s HOT outfit.

Then finally after delays, hand claps, the wave and mad dashes to the restroom it was time!

THE TRINITY was here and we were treated to one of the most awkward, weird, cute, funny, ODD panel’s EVER. There’s about 8 billion videos and photos out there so I’ll let you comb through those but Rob said “nachos” talked about “his son” (yes, I’m pregnant folks!) and “butt chunks.” Yes, Rob had another one of his special non-filter moments. KStew was… well KStew. Loved her outfit. And Taylor was the one who tried to pull it together per usual, the best part was when, after Rob and Kristen kept making fun of him he turned his chair around so his back was towards them and talked to the crowd.

(photo from @Miss_Caino)
Take that! Another highlight was when Rob asked Taylor if he “slept with the baby” and then Taylor zinged him back and said “don’t you two sleep together?” HEEEYYOOOO!! It’s all coming out now! I bet Taylor felt a bit vindicated to finally get to say that after all their top secret (not so secret) shenanigans

(photo from @Miss_Caino)
This is how I felt when they answered questions about wearing wigs and contacts. Seriously, questions about contacts?! WHat is this 2008, Twilight press junket?! COME ON! I have to give Kristen props though for acknowledging the mess what was her wig. Whew. I won’t even go into her usual attitude at these events, cause it was no different here but I don’t think there’s any changing her, so I won’t waste my breath.

Then they were off and we were sorta glad (but not really) because the screaming was causing a massive headache and we really needed to get outta there so we could eat and debrief on the whole day. So we skipped off to find snacks and recount out favorite and weirdest moments from the day. And I sat down to write out a new list of stuff I thought I’d never do but will ultimately end up doing…

Skydiving? Twilight tattoo? What will it be?

PS Loved meeting everyone at the event and will see you and the rest of the fandom in 15 days!

Would you ever go to a Twicon? Have you been? Were you there and we didn’t meet (NOOO!!) Favorite video of awful question from the event?

Check out Twifans for their awesome photos from the event 1
Miss_Caino’s amazing album of photos

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