That’s (Not) Normal

UC & Moon

Is this normal?

Dear Normal LTTers,

Writing down our LTT history part 1 the other day got me thinking about what I deemed the “LTT mantra” and the “LTT lifestyle” That’s Normal. And I started thinking…. but is it really? I mean, is any of this normal? I like to think that Moon & I have an excuse for blogging about vampires (almost!) every day- we have an audience now & the pressure (much loved!) to entertain. But…. is that really the only reason we do this day after day? I love you all, I really do, but I’m not sure that’s enough. I might have to admit that we still do this day in & day out because we love Twilight just as much as we did on December 8, 2008. Sure, the love has changed slightly, but it’s still there. And is that, well, normal?

Do you remember when my friend UrbanGirl went into a storage closet at work to read Breaking Dawn? And how about when I went with my friends Italian Girl, Tex, PregPants & UrbanGirl to see Twilight? They were FANATICS- but I’m pretty sure UrbanGirl saw only half of Eclipse on a plane ride and the others haven’t even watched it once. What happened? Are they the normal fans? Loved & obsessed over the books & first movie(s), but then the love faded? Or am I normal? Still going strong- 2 or 3+ years later?

I’m not sure. I know Moon still texts or calls me whenever something great/good/awesome/funny/NOT NORMAL happens in the fandom. We’re definitely the same level of normal or not normal-ness- whatever that is. And just the other week a bunch of the original LTTers ended up talking about Twi in an email chain- so even they still think about it occasionally. But Mr. Choice
seems to think that my continuing love for Twi is not normal. Then again, can he really judge? He never thought it was normal.

About 3 things I am absolutely positive. First, that joke never gets old. Second, there is a part of me, and I don’t know how dominant that part might be, that doesn’t care if anyone thinks I’m “Not Normal.” And third, I am unconditionally and irrevocably grateful for the “That’s Normal” Mantra & lifestyle.

But just in case you’re now questioning your normalness like I am, here’s quick check list to test where you’re at:

-It’s still totally normal to swoon whenever a new pic of Rob Pattinson surfaces

-It’s no longer normal to show up to a 100 monkeys concert just because you know you’ll be in the presence of tons of Twilight fans who “get you.” You should only risk your life at one of those if you’re an actual fan. (And let’s be honest, no one is one of those.)

-Liking Kristen is totally normal. It’s also quite normal to like Rob. And if it’s your cup of tea, you can EVEN like them gasp together! But spending your free time hating on those with different opinions? NOT NORMAL

-Having a day go by where you actually forget about Twilight: Normal
(This also applies when you forget you have a blog about Twilight)

-Looking at a new popsugar or Just Jared post & immediately emailing us that “THE MEDIA WROTE ABOUT BIG DADDY LAUTNER” before realizing that the post & corresponding pictures actually have Taylor Lautner in them: Quite Normal.

-Thinking that Ashley Greene has a chance at a legitimate career in non-fluff movies: Not normal

-Having a Twitter Profile that looks something like this is quite normal:

This is Moon’s profile (it’s also true)

-Publicly declaring THIS (and obviously never being told that tweets are PUBLIC and INDEXED by search engines & seen by OTHERS outside of your circle where saying stuff like that is considered normal)


-Driving by an Olive Garden without immediately thinking of UC & Moon: Not Normal

-Thinking that Kellan actually likes it when you hump him at a Twicon after you pay your $156 bill to get 1 picture and the chance to grab his pecs: Not normal

-Laughing hysterically when you’re in the mall & hear the Taylor Swift song “Back to December” after the line “How’s your family” because you insert a quick “What I’m really saying is I miss your dad” as you sing along: Normal.

-Starting to line up for the Water for Elephants premiere next week: Not normal.

-Remembering a Twilight quote (like the one I used above) enough that you want to use it in a blog post (Normal) but not knowing it EXACTLY so you have to grab the book and/or google: also normal

So am I alone in wondering if I (minus you all and Moon!) am the only “normal” one left? And if I am alone, does that make me NOT normal? What else is normal or not normal these days!?

Yours in normalcy (or not),

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • JellyBeanRainbow

    Being on a short trip abroad and not have enought time to read and comment LTT/LTR but being one of the first to do so the minute you’re back at home. NORMAL?

    • TeamSeth

      Hope the trip was fun!

  • Watching the Rob/Kris commentary (FINALLY-I can go back and read that post now!!) and correcting the trivia that they got wrong (Edward didn’t buy the heart “charm” on Bella’s bracelet-R/K corrected themselves later, though)=most definitely NOT NORMAL. I felt like I should be making Pattinson Pants after that.

  • Stacey

    Is it normal that even though I REALLY need to get to the post office this morning to mail out presents to my sister and parents, I instead was waiting somewhat patiently to read this post. hmm…

    Also, is it normal that I got all giddy, when my special someone (he’s fantastic!) asked me if I wanted that ‘Eclipse’ show for Christmas? (I think there was some confusion over Twilight and Vampire Diaries.) Also…I was thilled when it was observed in this conversation, how my love/jokes for this stuff is completely mirroring the love for Buffy in the old days. Either this is going to be a really good day or I am feeling the Christmas spirit, with hopes to FINALLY heari the commentary on the Eclipse DVD Christmas night. (Well after I watch the Christmas Dr.Who, Team Seth!)

  • blackgirltwihard

    Normal stuff
    -Watched Twilight EVERY SINGLE time that it has aired on Showtime.
    -Talk about Twilight characters like they are real people (i.e. me to my friend “Girl, Bella’s ass gets on my nerves!!!!!” Ugh!)
    – Google the stars/characters and read (Ok, memorized) all of their wikipedia entries
    -Feeling the need to ALWAYS defend the Twilight series

    Not Normal
    – Letting my twins and my baby when they were ages 5 and 4 watch Twilight (A lot ) we had just moved/ one TV/ no cable/ Twilight DVD: “When he bites her, just close your eyes, ‘K, baby? Ok, mommy.
    – Accusing my ex of making his girlfriend “Like” Twilight on Facebook because he knows how much I like Twilight.
    – Listening to the audio books every weekday while I’m at work since like June 2009

    – When I’m in a Wal-Mart or Target, I’ve arranged the Bella and Edward dolls on either side of the flyest, cutest Black Barbie (me) I can find. The shelve stockers probably hate me, cause I do it a lot.
    – Kids are embarrassed as hell! Oh well.
    – Leaving work to go see Eclipse
    – Calling in to work when they were on Oprah

    • Anonymous

      Oh man!!! Intervention needed = hilarious!

    • Stacey

      What you did with the Barbies was just…well…umm…fantastic! If the start making the pregnant red headed Midge Barbie again I am so sticking her in there. (not that I’m pregnant, but I was. It still works.)

    • “When I’m in a Wal-Mart or Target, I’ve arranged the Bella and Edward dolls on either side of the flyest, cutest Black Barbie (me) I can find. The shelve stockers probably hate me, cause I do it a lot.”

      Lol! That’s what I’m talking about! I’ve never thought about that before. It’s brilliant. I’m gonna do it someday! ♥

  • Texicanlove

    so what you’re saying is that i am indeed NORMAL for going to 2 TwiCons this year with 2 sets of TwiSisters, going to Forks with my Aussie TwiSisters when they came in October, that i have a PaperRob that goes on these adventures with me, and that when I was told that I had to go on a small deployment to Iraq, the first thing I packed was my Twilight books. So perfectly NORMAL in my world. Thank Buddha.

    • Mandy

      Forks is fun! Everyone should go there once. Or, more importantly, go to La Push and First Beach. It is beautiful!

  • Michelle

    We’re totes normal… Everyone else are freaks, of course!

    Normal: not being able to hear the word “normal” in RL without thinking of the LTT community

    Normal: Taking a day off work to watch New Moon (and later, Eclipse) because I wanted to watch it with no distractions… ie screaming teens. And telling my (male, hetero) boss exactly what I needed the day for. On a side note, how awesome is my boss that he let me take the day without using sick or holiday pay. He “gets” us. Normal!

    Normal: I’m a bone fide Robsten believer and approve of their “togetherness”, so much so that I refuse to buy gossip mags with them on the front. On principle. As though they’re going know that I’m showing my support by boycotting! Totes normal, y’know.

    Normal: Laughing at paragraph 4 above!

    You gals rock my jocks x

    • Fk! That’s a cool boss! Lol

    • TeamSeth

      Not being able to google “That’s Normal” without all LTT and LTR posts coming up as the first 50 search results… Is that normal?

      • Anonymous

        Really? Awesome.

        *runs to google to try it*

  • Anonymous

    Phew! I’m normal! (Even though my husband, like Mr. Choice, has a different opinion on the matter… Although Mr. Name isn’t exactly “normal” himself – he is beta-ing my fanfic, after all. That’s a little weird but also kind of awesome.)

    • Stacey

      I think it is awesome! He is a great BETA!

      I’ve gone way past normal with the blog. My near obsession with why they keep putting poor Vamp Di Stefan in hoodies and Mr.Roger cartigans is getting beyond normal. That isn’t even Twilight. So me immediately emailing pictures of Aro and dissecting his wardrobe with SnowWhiteDrifted is just well…I need i just accept my downward spiral of ‘normal’.

      • Laughing when I flipthrough the JCREW catalog immediately thinking of Stacey and Stefan: Normal.

        Posting Team Damon Christmas cards to Stacey: Not Normal.

        • Stacey

          Team Damon Christmas cards not normal? It’s Damon, silly. Completely normal. *sigh Damon*

          • TeamSeth

            Oh crap. I need to go read your blog.

          • TeamSeth

            I liked my comment cuz I just read the blog… That tennant photo is… Please make me a time lady, Please please!

  • Anonymous

    In all Tweed Seriousness, I think it’s pretty normal and Normal to still love Twilight after all of these years.

    I tend to be in long term relationships with things I love. American Girl dolls since I was 5. Titanic (movie) since I was 12. Gilmore Girls for the past decade. Harry Potter since I was 14. Husband since 2005. And Twilight since 2007. I just collect things I love – dolls, movies, books, spouse – and unlike Jack “never let go.” It just means we are stable. Yep…that’s it. Stability.

    Dear Krisbian Twitter Girl,
    Do you realize that the Library of Congress archives all Tweets? Yeah… just something you might want to keep in mind. So in 50 years when your granddaughter decides to look up her grandmother’s Twitter profile in the national archives, just be ready to answer a few questions.
    Sincere regards,

    • Stacey

      I still love Gilmore Girls too! I also wrapping American Girls Kit tonight for my kid (also for me)…you have good taste!

      There is really a ‘Krisbian Twitter Girl’? Is she unintentionally funny or unintentionally scary?

      • Anonymous

        for the Krisbian Twitter = I was just referring to the screen shot in the post above! But I am sure there are a lot of unintentionally scary ones out there…

        Hope you and your kid enjoy Kit 🙂 (American Girl dolls make the best Christmas presents! Ssshh…don’t tell the Edward/Jacob action figure dolls).

    • P.S.

      Stability! That’s what it is. We’re the stable Twilight fans – totally normal. (I love American Girl dolls too, maybe more than my 2 girls! and don’t forget Patrick Swayze/Dirty Dancing for the last 20 years: Stability)

    • That’s what I’m talking about. Stability is the way to go. Idk. If I really love & enjoy something, and I’m truly passionate about it, I could love it forever.

    • TeamSeth

      “Do you realize that the Library of Congress archives all Tweets? Yeah… just something you might want to keep in mind”
      WHAAT?! I once offered to have a threesome with Charlie and Dan! Oh god. The horror the horror! Well, that was under my teamseth twitter acct, so I guess it’s okay…

      You’re collecting things reminds me of the book The Collector. Creeptastic.

  • Anonymous

    Here are my contributions to normal/not normal:

    – owning several copies of the Twilight books and movies to lend out to friends
    – naming pet goldfish “Edward” and “Jacob”
    – never looking at alpacas, fried fish, or snails the same way again
    – dividing your male friends into two categories, “Unicorn” or “non-Unicorn”

    – When friends and relatives post about last night’s Eclipse on Facebook, you post quotes from Eclipse in their comments (or is that just weird?!)
    – Owning a Moantreal shirt

    Verging on KrisbianKrazy:
    – referring to dinner stew as “KStew” and Rice Krispie treats as “Rice Krisbian Treats”

    Not Normal:
    – selling hand-drawn portraits of the cast on Etsy in compromising positions to raise money for your Brazilian beach house vacation where you hope to re-enact the “magicness” with Rob, KStew, or TomStu lookalikes

    • Anonymous

      KStew and Rice Krisbian Treats may end up on the menu for dinner at my house tonight because they made me laugh very hard. Do I have any marshmallows in the pantry…

    • Anonymous

      “owning several copies of the Twilight books and movies to lend out to friends”

      Oh thank GOD! I feel better for the fact that I have a hardcover and a paperback set of the books. WHEW! #Normal.

    • “Rice Krisbian” <– Oo! Never heard that one before. I'll never look at rice krispies the same way again. -cough- not that I mind.. lol

    • TeamSeth

      Oh you HAD to bring up the snail!

      I think the Eclipse comments are normal. My sister texted me this morning to let me know about it, and that I needed to watch the film then go out and watch the eclipse. And then she wrote “Lol” just in case.

  • RachelB

    Seeing little bottles of vodka in the liquor store and smiling to yourself because they remind you of buttcrack santa: normal.

    Wearing a I heart twilight tshirt that you handmade under all your clothes? NOT normal

    • TeamSeth

      Aw, i still have that one from Buttcrack Santa from last year that you delivered for him, ahem. I can’t bring myself to drink it.

    • Anonymous

      I was watching the news last night and they were talking about the Vikings game being moved to an outdoor college stadium due to the Metrodome roof collapsing in a recent blizzard. The reporter was talking about since there was no liquor being sold at the game, so a hot seller at a local liquor store were “little bottles” of liquor.

      I immediately thought of Buttcrack Santa and giggled to myself.

      That’s Normal

  • “Driving by an Olive Garden without immediately thinking of UC & Moon: Not Normal”

    Wtf, you two?! I ate there last night and had a glass of wine in your honor! And this is the thanks I get?!

    Ok, fine I was meeting up with Big Daddy. Don’t judge.

  • Dumbprep1508

    Oh no is that true about the whole 100 monkeys concert? They’re coming in a week and im stoked to see Jackson =

    • jackson is pretty. bring ear plugs

      (i bet i’d get 1,000 thumbs down on that one)

      • That would make a beautiful haiku, summing up 100 Monkeys for the uninitiated!

        • Remembering Haiku day on LTT: Normal
          Being sad at not being able to come up with a Twiku: Not Normal

      • I actually like some of their music. Definitely hit or miss and I think I would be kinda scared of the freak show that may be 100 monkeys. Am I right?

  • chochang

    as long as it’s on LTT and we make fun of it, THAT’S NORMAL.

    • Anonymous


  • being ‘normal’ is very underratted. I don’t even like to think about how “un” normal I am. I also don’t understand after Star Trek and Star Wars have years of Conventions where Cosplay is “normal” why is strange Twilight would have the same? What’s sad is we all are excited for books marketed to tweens. Boy did they underestimate their audience!

    • Anonymous

      “I can’t imagine how awful that must feel. Being normal? Ugh”

  • Anonymous

    It’s “Normal” to see a black Volvo station wagon with dark tinted windows and bust out laughing. Because you find the humor in the fact that it looks to you like a hearse and Volvos are now automatically associated with Edward. Who’s, well, dead.

    • Anonymous

      And automatically thinking black Volvos are the wrong color. They’re supposed to be silver, dammit.

      • TeamSeth

        Stupid, shiny Volvo.

    • Stacey

      How about ‘normal’ getting giddy when your husband mentions the idea of getting a Volvo as your next car. :0)

      • Anonymous

        I got giddy for you on that one. so that’s normal. 🙂

    • Midnight Cougar (MC)

      It’s totally “Normal” to think of Edward & Twilight EVERY time I see a grey or black Volvo. Right?

      • Anonymous

        That’s Normal

        I think of Twilight/Edward EVERY time I see any Volvo. It’s like the Volvo symbol is now hard-wired to Edward/Twilight in my brain. It’s like one can’t exist without the other.

        • Anonymous

          Even the Volvo semi’s! Didn’t even know they made them tell Twi!

  • Anonymous

    Loved this post –
    1. being the to go to Twilight/Rob “person” at work a la “hey lindsay, when does that elephant patterson movie come out”
    2. slowly but surely teaching the world that the Rob’s name is not Rob Patterson, though I am sure he is a nice guy too
    3. wearing my “Tweed Serious” shirt around HOPING someone will know what it means and become my new BFF

    • Anonymous

      1. You’re that “go to” person at work too? hahahahaha! Me too… I’m realizing more and more, that I don’t hide my obsession as well as I’d previously thought.
      2. My husband calls Rob “Rob Patterson” without fail. And without fail, I correct him and he tells me, “whatever, I don’t care.”
      3. Wearing my “That’s Normal” and “Break it down” shirts for the same reason. (I realized when going through recent photos taken since I’d gotten my shirts, that I wear my “That’s Normal” shirt a LOT. I guess I really, really, really want an LTT friend near by.)

      • ChillinWithCullens

        I do the same thing!! Jealous of everybody who has an LTT BFF!!

    • #3!!! Geography is a cruel b*tch to most of us!

    • The day I see someone wearing a LTT shirt, I will have to overcome my shyness and definitely comment on it. ♥

    • TeamSeth

      3. I think I’ve mentioned, so sorry for the repeat, but once I was at Multnomah Falls and this group of ladies was wearing matching black shirts with red, glitter writing that said Sparkle Girls. And I was only able to give them my best knowing smile and not go high five them because my parents were there and… well… approaching random matching shirt ladies is not normal to them.

    • LatersBaby

      My “Tweed Serious” hat just came in the mail today. I too hope someone will know what it means…

  • Anonymous

    It’s also “Normal” to slip Twilight/LTT phrases and jokes into regular conversation (by accident and on purpose). Then wonder, for just a split second, why no one else smiles or laughs a little too. Then wish a fellow LTTer was around to “get” and laugh with you.

    • I do that, too. It MUST be Normal if at least 2 of us do the same.

    • Anonymous

      totally! and instead of explaining it you just get sour and say forget it

    • TeamSeth

      Even today I used one! Was swinging by coworker’s office to talk him into getting coffee with me in the Forks weather and said, “Come and take a walk with me.”

  • Anonymous

    My Normal morning: 14 month old is playing with a toy lamb while roaring like a lion (her current favorite sound). This makes me think of Twilight. Obviously.

  • . .Because normalcy doesn’t exist in 2010.
    What is normal anyway? Because what is normal to one isn’t normal to the other.

    Out of my friends, it is guaranteed that I’m the most obsessed with everything related to Twi. Hands down. My friend worries about me and she doesn’t think it’s ‘normal’. But you see, I look completely normal when compared to someone who’s 1000 times more obsessed than I.
    Like this for example, <- Love her by the way. I think that's so awesome! Lol

    I guess you could say there are varying degrees of what is 'normal' and what isn't.
    But like I said before, normalcy doesn't exist in 2010. :9

    • Anonymous

      Here’s what makes the girl possibly fall into the category of “normal:” she has a sense of humor about it.

      Actually, I sort of take that back – did you see how many pictures she has with the cast? That must have cost some bucks. Not normal to spend that much cash on Twilight.

      • Lmao! I know right? I was like O_O”. I’m surprised she hasn’t met Rob yet but I’m sure someday she will. From the looks of it, it seems like she met 80% of the cast already. Lol

      • TeamSeth

        Yes, I could not even justify going to the Twi convention here with Danny Boy and Chuck B because of the cost. Let alone the cost of shame. AND Cougwicke was supposed to go but she had ‘obligations’ shooting a film and couldn’t. As if Gary Oldman can’t carry the whole Red Riding Hood shoot himself. Pshaw.

        Besides, if I meet Daniel and Bewley, I want it to be one of those accidental run-ins in the street where coffee gets spilled on me and he offers to let me wash my shirt at his place–just down the road, the one with a blue door and the terrace view [of Vancouver]. Er, wait, are we supposed to only be referencing Twilight? (I also like how I went from the option of charlie and dan to only dan. heh)

  • Anonymous

    Writing Twilight Fanfic….. #Normal

    • Lol XD I wrote my own fanfic for the BD honeymoon scene because I wasn’t satisfied with what the book gave me.

      It’s very normal.

      • Anonymous

        Bahahahaha! That’s what the FF I posted was too!

        Too funny

  • Jodiehinds

    “Normal” is sooooo overrated. “Thats normal” is much more fun. I love you girls, normal or not. The whole Twilight normalcy is what I look forward to since sometimes the “normal” world is just TOOOOO much to deal with. So when all the job, kids, ex-husband, school, MOM, taxes, etc. is just too much, I get my fix of Twilight – be it this wonderful blog, a few minutes of one of the movies, some saved pics of Rob or my favorite fanfiction:) OH YEAH – its Miller / Twilight time.

    • TeamSeth

      At first I thought you meant Henry Miller (well, maybe you did) and I was like, “Wouldn’t that be an enormous sexy times difference.” That’s normal.

  • Anonymous


    PS Let’s see if I can post a comment today.

  • I’m a cartoonist & I’ve drawn a few twilight related cartoons. I use them as my avis and I made a RayBan Edward cartoon and put it on my car. That’s completely normal. 🙂

  • TeamSeth

    Bunny, maybe I’m crazy, I guess that’s okay, but I really truly thought that “That’s normal.” was a direct quote from Bella in Twilight. So much so that I just opened all the pdfs on my work computer to check. No, there’s not. Well, there is, sort of. Right before the break up scene she thinks “That was normal.” then Edward slams her backpack onto the seat and she thinks, “That was not normal.” But, I thought the reference was more along the lines of her thinking, “My vampire boyfriend and werewolf best friend were fighting again. That’s normal.” Or similar reference to the supernatural ridiculousness of it all.

    But I was wrong.

    • Initialy coming up with “My vampire boyfriend and werewolf best friend…” Normal.

      • TeamSeth

        Hey, bowties are cool!

  • Anonymous

    Ohhhh wait…are UC and Moon dressed like Alice and Rosalie?

  • -Getting the Pocket Edward from Amazon: Normal
    -Receiving the wrong Edward (New Moon… kind of creepy, complete with shirt rip) but keeping it anyway because of embarassment in the idea of returning: Normal?
    -Then buying Twilight Edward: Normal-ish
    -Getting an Alice doll to keep them company (’cause I don’t look like Bella) putting them all in a drawer… while singing “Two Ladies” from Cabaret but changing it to, “Bee dle dee dee dee… 2 Eddies”: Not Normal.

    • Stacey

      You really do look like Alice. It’s eerie, but entirely fantastic. I have just outed myself as looking like the pregnant Midge Barbie with the flat panel belly, instead of the rounded preggers one. That’s just disturbing.

      • I just looked up Midge. LOL. We look like Mattel products!
        Wasn’t Midge in the LTT barbie reenactment of BD?

    • TeamSeth

      Receiving the wrong Edward (New Moon… kind of creepy, complete with shirt rip) but keeping it anyway because of embarrassment in the idea of returning: Normal?
      -Then buying Twilight Edward: Normal-ish

      So normal. Twilight Edward is hot. (um, just wrote Twilight normal is hot lol). Even in plastic form. Like Matt Smith as Doctor Who hot. And Bella plastic is sooo creepily manly. Even Mr. Seth was like, “That poor actress. I guess she didn’t get time to approve this.” (he doesn’t know her name–normal! But I got him to buy a grey peacoat — normal and WIN)

      And singing Cabaret for any occasion is completely normal and appreciated. Happy to see you! [I do love a happy ending…they are so rare].

      • …a pineapple…a pineapple….for you!!!


        Mr. Seth WIN for the peacoat. Oh I have abunch of Dr. Who’s DVR’ed for my upcoming week off. Squee!

        • TeamSeth

          I’m so excited to hear about your reactions! OMG Which seasons? They’re having like epic all day marathons throughout the weeks now and next week and all day on NYE and NYDay!!!!!! It’s like… too bad I own them all or I could just be in heaven. Well, I mean, you know. Squeeing! CANNOT WAIT FOR XMAS SPECIAL!

    • Anonymous

      You DO look like Alice from the pic I saw of you in your Bothered shirt (even closer to the Alice in my mind than Ashlice, actually).

      Hey SWD…. Out of curiosity, have you ever had some girl come up to you, wide-eyed and brimming with excited, crazed hope. Then ask, “Alice????”

      Because I totally could see it happening.

  • JodieO

    All this Twi-stuff is probably the most normal thing I have ever done. I was not normal since before y’all were born!

  • Anonymous

    1. Making fun of men’s jean shorts with my new special man friend and snorting out “JORTS!” in the middle of a department store
    2. Trying to explain my “They’re NOT bears” shirt and contracting a case of the mumbles
    3. Leaving my now ex-husband cause he didn’t “get it”
    4. Reading fan fiction at work

    Also Normal:
    1. Feeling kind of “meh” about Twilight a lot of the time
    2. Being annoyed at how Taylor L over emphasizes consonants and makes “d’s” sound like “t’s” (for one secont, i thought)
    3. Wanting more Michael Sheen in my life

    • Midnight Cougar (MC)

      Love your screen name. Very nice.

  • LatersBaby

    Requesting a sabbatical from teaching so I can research Twilight.

    Not Normal:
    I received my sabbatical.

    New Normal:
    Covering my Twi interests by telling everyone “It’s Research.”

    • TeamSeth

      Apparently my sick time doesn’t roll over, and the HR lady said something like “Well, if you suddenly get sick, someone might ask to see some proof.” Well, you know what lady, I did go see the doctor! For hours and hours! Doctor Who! (somehow that was relevant to your “sabbatical comment, but really I was just venting.)

      • LatersBaby

        I know, it’s evil for me to mention that I’m getting paid to research Twilight. Don’t worry, I’ll be crying a river here in a year when I can’t get anything I write published.

    • Midnight Cougar (MC)

      Totally “Normal” & I can’t wait to read your final results!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, I think it is normal that I am doing everything in my power to annoy my best friend in her hatred towards Twi.
    Changing my computer wallpaper to a Twilight one whenever she visits? Normal. Putting any picture I have framed of her next to a Twilight calendar? Normal. Digging through my clothes to find the Team Edward shirt buried in my t-shirts to wear only whenever I am near her? Normal.
    Ah, just spreading the love…

  • TwilightCat

    Being passed on the highway by a bright yellow sports car going 30 miles over the speed limit and yelling, “Alice!” and then yelling, “Oh, no, Edward must be in danger,” and then bursting out laughing at myself = Normal.

    • Anonymous

      That’s Normal

  • TwilightCat

    Loading all of Steph Meyer’s books, plus a lot of steamy Twi-fanfiction onto my phone (I’m a closet LolaShoes junkie), and then reading them obsessively while I’m at work = Definitely Normal!

  • Necessaryj9

    Oh how I miss the good old days….being able to read LTT and LTR everyday, obsessing over anything Twi-related….but I am now and always will be “normal”!

  • GeminiGypsy

    Heh, I don’t think there is a norm. There’s average, but not normal. So, I think we can all be slightly (or not slightly…) crazy about Twilight and it’s all good 🙂 That’s SO Normal!

  • GeminiGypsy

    Heh, I don’t think there is a norm. There’s average, but not normal. So, I think we can all be slightly (or not slightly…) crazy about Twilight and it’s all good 🙂 That’s SO Normal!

  • Midnight Cougar (MC)

    See this is the great thing about LTT/LTR, what is considered “Normal” here may not be deemed “Normal” anywhere else, BUT “Who the Hell cares?” Is is “Normal” that I just quoted the “Eclipse” movie? 😉

  • Anonymous

    Probably NOT Normal: Reading this post while at a post-funeral feast.

    Normal: Noticing the “I drive like a Cullen” decal on the car we just passed and a decal on another car that says “Sheen” (while driving home from said funeral in Phoenix), wondering if either of those people could be LTTers and then coming straight here to post about it.

    • TwilightCat

      A car decal that says, “I drive like a Cullen” — that is awesome and hilarious and TOTALLY Normal! I so want one of those for my car!

  • Anonymous

    Geez. Those HR people are just kill joys!

    Oh wait.

    No. Actually I own up to that. We’re the ones enforcing all the rules and telling people they can’t do this or that. We are kill joys. We HR folk suck. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Comment FAIL

      This was to be in reply to TS. Whoops

    • TeamSeth

      Kill joy! Shaking my fist at you. Wait, you’re not MY HR lady, right? Riiiight?! 😐 (j/k, I know you’re not)

  • Anonymous

    That’s Normal

    • Anonymous

      What the…..??? This was to be in reply to…. um….. God, I have no clue which one of you I wanted to tell was Normal. Everyone? That’s it. I wanted to just tell everyone here on LTT that we’re all Normal. Or something.

  • Anonymous

    I think my love of Twilight is normal. My family and co-workers now accept it as normal—for me. Paragraph 4 should be on my Facebook page!

  • Anonymous

    Reading all four TS books 6 times in a row – that’s normal isn’t it?
    Not watching TV – ever – since discovering TTS but reading/watching DVD’s/searching for Twi-related stuff online instead – normal right?
    Making iron on transfers for online friends (with select quotes so no one knows what they mean (I called them Subtle-T’s – clever IKR!)) – normal – please?
    Planning to win the lottery so I can have a black Volvo *want* – perfectly normal!
    Desperately needing to feel accepted by you guys in this community so I can feel ok about this obsession – normal, please say normal!

  • Anonymous

    Devastated – because I had a huge, funny comment all ready to post which I LOST because I didn’t sign in first – that’s normal right?

    • Anonymous

      Doh – it worked!

  • Anonymous

    Devastated – because I had a huge, funny comment all ready to post which I LOST because I didn’t sign in first – that’s normal right?

    • Anonymous

      Double doh – now I look like a real dork and I was trying so hard to be cool 🙁 – it’s normal to want to be cool right?

      • Anonymous

        Normal, especially around here. And not too hard either because we love new people!

  • eclipse22

    whenever i like something a lot its for life, i’m a monogamist like that(coca-cola& BK girl4evah), i have robert as my wallpaper, change it every other day for another rob pic, shopping on google for new pics of rob&kristen,i ‘d never heard of volvos before twilight, thinking of twilight at end of day becoz of sunset,tots tought of eclipse during lunar eclipse this week…

    read twifics at least one a week, but sadly i must confess i haven’t read the books in a year, but since i watch the movies regularly i don’t mind too much but seeing that xmas pic bill condon tweeted made me realize i had forgotten there’s a xmas scene in BD, i felt bad, but at same time good, it means when i reread the saga for 111th time it will feel new all over again!

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