Time for a Newsdump: Everything NOT Twilight related aka Kellan shows us his Calvins!

Yo, it's about that time to bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme. I'm gonna get mine so get yours, I wanna see sweat comin' out ya pores!

Dear LTT-ers

I was just lamenting (yes it was quite sorrowful) on Twitter that there was simply NO news about Twilight out right now and that makes things awfully boring… but then I started researching and there’s TONS of non-Twilight specific news that our favorite friends are in… so let’s get to it!

  • The trailer for “The Runaways” comes out and I can’t help but think two things-  ONE: they look like little girls playing dress up and TWO: I hope Dakota gets to punch someone

Che-Che-Che-Cherry BOMB!!!

Wait, this isn't the Maxim cover shoot!

  • This is the prom dress you see on the rack at Goodwill and think, dude that would be perfect for my prom scene in “Can’t Buy Me Love” Halloween Costume (just right for doing the African Anteater dance in!)

Follow the cut for more news, less catfish, more abage for the cabbage and one special tatt00

No catfish here!

  • Jackson sheds his usual “catfish” look and actually looks cute in promo stills from his new movie Dread. PS WHO releases a “trailer” for a film and call it “In Production Now?” Amateur hour!

Want to be only mildly to not at all scared? Watch the trailer for Dread

(this guy coulda been Edward!)

HA! Caught ya lookin'!

  • Just when we thought we’d be able to stop worrying about Chris Hansen waiting for us in our kitchen with a plate of cookies and iced tea these new pictures of BooBoo Stewart come out. Daaaaayyyuuummm. Time to invest in a chain lock and some anti-Hansen spray. Wanna feel like a creep sandwich? Check out the rest


  • Nikki Reed has a tattoo. Placing bets on what it says… options: phone numbers of LA area paparazzo’s, a quote about best friends stabbing you in the front, or the address to the free VD clinic on Santa Monica. Anyone?
  • Rob looks SO happy to be supporting a Charity during this Holiday Season! Way to remember the “reason for the season!”

So that’s that… what was the best news? Kellan showing us his Calvins in the future? BooBoo creepin’ you out? Remembering how awesome “the Kramer” was

Hello Daddy, hello Mom I’m ya che-che-che-che-cherry bomb!

Thanks to all the news sources, google reader, tipsters, all the people linked back to!

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