Storytime with Moon – Comic Con in review

Dear LTT-ers

As you all know Thursday I was able to attend the 2nd coming of Jesus, aka the New Moon panel at Comic Con and I have a little (ok, it’s quite long) story to share with you! So that means it’s story time with Moon!

Sit back relax grab your poison of choice (mine’s a diet coke as the CC folks learned) and let’s get to it!


Once the news came out that there would in fact be a New Moon panel and presentation at Comic Con the California LTT/LTR gals KNEW we had to be there, come hell or high water. And trust, there was a lot of hell and a lot of high water. But finally tickets were secured and plans made for several groups of Cali gals to converge on Comic Con last Thursday…

Making up part of the LA/OC group Chelsea and I headed down to San Diego Wednesday afternoon to meet up with our SD gals to plot, plan and scheme how we would make this happen. By Wednesday morning there were already reports of 100-ish Twihards in line and by the time we reached San Diego that evening a reported 500 were now in line. So we jumped in the car with VickyB and headed down to scope out our competition…

The sign pointed us towards heaven on earth

An impromptu little tent city of Twihards set up on the outside of Hall H. Since we knew there was no point in waiting in line over night at this point and in all honesty we didn’t want to (we just wanted to be in the room not in the front row), we honked and continued on in search of food and good times

Since we were going to be seeing Rob the next day we first stopped off to get some slutty outfits for our Comic Con Preparedness Kits. No Cullen crest or Team Jacob shirts for us. It was hooker lucite heels, cootchie cutter shorts and whips that we were looking for!

Let me tell you the rest of the story… after the cut!

Anytime we had a free moment we were all furiously checking our phones for Twitter updates, texts, anything with news that we needed to know. And let me tell you it didn’t stop for 48 hours, constant beeping for the phones. Attendees with a 4 day pass got to go in early Wednesday night for the preview night to check out all the new stuff before anyone else… while out at dinner someone tweeted a picture of the new Jacob action figure. Little E got a look at that and headed straight for the bar. How do you compete with defined abs, a v and a tattoo when you’re in a plastic molded peacoat and you can’t even stand up straight? Poor Lil E.

Lil E decides to drown his sorrows in a Pacifico at an Irish bar that played top 40 music. Don’t ask.

He was so drunk-inspired by this guy he decided to join in on the dancing action and created his own music video. Please forgive the sideways video and low light as we were all obviously having good times!

After a rousing Karaoke version of 9 to 5 by Chelsea and me we decided it was probably time to leave since we wanted to get up at 6 and it was already 130AM. Oops.

6AM came WAY too quickly. We stumbled out of bed put on our wedding gowns, gathered up the bridesmaids and headed down to get in THIS line! Holy crap! Now cause we’re true champs we split up to conquer this… Vickyb/Aja/Chelsea headed to the badge line and I made a run for the Hall H line to stake out a spot. After knocking over about 100 kids I got us a decent spot in the middle of the line and proceeded to wait it out… while I sat there drowning my early morning sorrows in some starbucks I saw these folks…

Hey lady this is San Diego, not Montepulciano you missed the open casting call for the St Marks festival scene. Better luck next time.

So we came up with a couple options for what this young lady could be doing on her computer in line.
– posting on the forum in the Jasper topic
– playing World of Warcraft. She totally got in the wrong line
– writing a fanfic about meeting “Edward” at Comic Con and running away to live happily ever after in Forks
– Writing a letter to us about how she’s pissed to be standing in a long ass line with annoying people at 8 in the morning. You and me both sister. YOU.AND.ME.BOTH!

While waiting in line I made nice with this older nerd dude who somehow had gotten into the Hall H line. Poor guy just wanted to see some stuff on Tron and Avatar and he had to wait with us for New Moon. He settled my nerves though because he was an old CC veteran and assured me we’d get into Hall H no problem. Then he asked me why I was there and I said I wrote a blog and he’s like Oh, which one?! And I told him I blogged about Vampires. He all of a sudden looked very interested in his notebook and phone. I’m totally normal dude! Just like you!

This poor gal fainted after seeing the shirtless Jacob doll or learned that her local Hot Topic was closing. Sad day.

Well finally the line started moving and we got to see more freaks up close and personal. We were convinced that this dude dressed up as Tron was really Rob Pattinson and this was the only way he could move around Comic Con without being attacked. Pretty sexy, no?

These were my favorite guys we saw in the lines. They took those crazy Team Edward/Team Jacob Burger King crowns flipped them inside out and wrote “Fuck Twilight” on them. WIN!

We continued oozing forward till we finally reached the pearly gates. Hall H! H for Heaven or Hell?! We were about to find out.

The first panel was the Disney 3d presentation so we got to wear these incredibly sexy glasses. Come and get us Rob! We were hoping that New Moon panel would be in 3d so Rob would reach out and touch us. Unfortunately, it was not.

OMFG!! Is it my 3d glasses or is that Johnny Depp?!!!

Yes, during the Alice in Wonderland panel (looks mind blowing, FYI) Johnny Depp made an appearance. A 4.5 second appearance, but an appearance none the less though. Seriously, I think Johnny got more screams than the New Moon panel. Everyone jumped up and started standing on their chairs freaking out. No joke this girl behind us might have had a brain aneurysm from the commotion she made: “OMG IS thAT?! OMG JOHNNY!! OHHH MYYY GOOODDD!!!  LOVE HIM!!!” haha!

Some other shiz happened… Hot dude is going to be in Tron, Daft Punk is doing the Tron score, The new Final Destination movie looks sick-sgusting, Rumor Willis is in some Sorority movie they thought we would care to hear about and uh then it was time!

No joke the loudest screams for the entire thing came when the New Moon graphic flashed on screen. It was finally here, all the waiting was over and we were about to see the Holy Grail. The energy in the room was palpable. Then they introduced Chris Weitz, Rob, Taylor, Kristen and Ashley and surprisingly everyone stayed in their seats unlike the Johnny Depp appearance.

I really wish I had video of the cast and Chris walking out on stage cause it was pretty hilarious the differences between them all. For the most part they all came out smiley and happy and waving and then when Kristen came out all surly and awkward there was SERIOUSLY an audible gasp. It was obvious she wasn’t feeling it. Or felt weird or whatever.
*edit* FOUND video!

I go back and forth between feeling bad for her and being annoyed as all hell. You’re an actress this is part of the job, get over it. And for those of you wondering where the rest of the cast (besides the ones on stage) were Kristen later explained at the screening thingy that the folks on stage were the only ones invited by Comic Con. So I assume Summit (to make a buck) and appease other fans brought up the rest of the crew on a bus to help intro and do Q&A’s at the screening that afternoon.

I’m sure we’re all seen the panel in it’s entirety on Youtube at this point but I have to say it was pretty awesome to be in the same room as the principle characters and hear them talking in some length about the movies, their characters and the fandom. In fact I think it was better that it was just them because if it has been EVERYONE we wouldn’t have got to hear them as much. They ended up answering tons of questions each.

Highlights/Lowlights (in some cases)
– the obvious adoration the cast had for Chris and the way he directed the ship
– the obvious adoration Chris had for the cast and the story. It was quite moving when he was candid about how making Golden Compass was a bad experience and how filming New Moon restored his love for movie making. Now that’s just good stuff to hear!
– Taylor talking at length about his body! HAHAA
– The comedic act between Chris and Rob. It was like the freakin Wayans brothers or something with all the jokes and poking fun
– The girl singing Aretha to Rob and his face when he realizes she’s singing. Classic!
– Rob getting called a palsy chicken when he walked. He then said he had some sort of club foot/problem. Sad Rob.
– The last girl to ask a question who looked like she was going to HURL all over the microphone. Should have eaten breakfast deary!

As we’ve all see by now the clips were pretty freaking awesome to see live in the room with members of the cast!

We all gasped at the hand touching part and then the totally awesome and totally gratuitous Jacob shirtless moment. When he whipped off his shirt Chelsea bit my shoulder and we screamed, hilarious and awesome! I’m pretty sure we also held hands during part of it. What a difference a year makes! Team Edward is definitely getting a run for it’s money because it seemed like there was quite a group of Taylor fans in the room.

And then of course this one… which was great to see a more continuous version than the one put together from still images. I think everyone pretty much lost their shite at the end when it cut to black right as he was going to step into the sun.

I loved both clips even if they are a first cut and will probably change a bit which is a good thing since I think the Alice and Bella driving part could use a little help. It looks a little fake to me at this juncture. ANYHoozle I really couldn’t have asked for more of the experience other than seeing the entire moving and then making out with Rob. I was lucky to be one of the fans who got in and I’m so appreciative I got to be there.

Sadly, it was over and they trotted off. We were sad to see it over but never more grateful to be heading to get something to eat and a Diet Coke. I quickly called UC to tell her that Rob had proposed marriage to me from 50 feet away and that she was going to be the Matron of Honor. She was never more happy and pissed off.

Then we headed off to meet up with Rachel, Ashley and her crew and hopefully to see RPattzNews and RPattzWho?

We met up with Ashley who had secretly switched to Team Jacob since we last spoke. Or maybe she just wanted the free Whopper coupon. Smart lady.

Of course standing in line meant seeing tons of costumes and tons of super fans. Strike three, you’re out ladies!

And then it was as is God himself ordained the next thing that happened because the fans clouds parted and like a beautiful ray of sunshine there she was! YES friends it was PATTINSON PANTS LADY in the flesh! Walking through the crowd, it must have been my highly trained Pattypants-dar because I sighted her almost immediately but because she’s a lady on a mission she was booking it and leaving me. So like the good blogger I am I RAN down the street chasing her with Rachel to get a picture because NO ONE would believe me and we HAD to have photographic evidence of Pattinson Pants!
Sadly she was an angry pants wearer walking fast and giving someone the business on her phone and we lost her in the crowd and I couldn’t get an exclusive interview. It was like seeing a real life unicorn (not the male kind or the WA kind) I’d only heard the legend of her but never knew she existed in real life.

Stay turned for my letter to Pattinson Pants Lady. Coming soon! Complete with MORE pics!

Completely bored out of our minds and more than willing to make fools out of ourselves (hey, we were at comic con after all) we posed with all the movie posters outside the building. JAZZ HANDS! Fabulous!

This is where all good fans keep their tickets. In hopes that Rob himself will be the one taking the tickets at the door. Cause he’s bored and has nothing else to do.

Finally we get in and wouldn’t you know it we’re in the SECOND group they let in the one NOT in the first group who got to see the ENTIRE cast. WHAT. EVER. *does whatever hand sign*

BUUUTTT we did get the next best thing (sorta) the fake lesbians and rumored frenemies themselves KStew, NReed and the lovely Rachelle, Kellan and Billy!! Let me just say the fake lesbians were back in FULL effect and unless they are the best actresses in the world (cough cough) then those rumors of them hating each other are BULLLLSHITE! They were all over each other like good fake lesbos and Nikki even said at one point I love Kristen! Blah blah blah,  uh well yea know not LIKE that, as a friend I love her! UH HUH! NIKKI!!! You SOOO read our blog I know it now! Come out from lurkdom and introduce yourself, comment! Dear God I wish i had that question on video. I was too busy wondering if Billy Burke was tweeting un-PC tweets or if Rachelle and I could go get our hairs done together. Apparently whatever Kristen’s problem was earlier in the morning wore off because she seemed in much better spirits and much more chatty. Must have been the NReed reunion.

PS we had the room with the lamest question askers one being “wheres Edward and Jacob?” Um well my guess? IN YOUR BOOK since they’re characters not people. Sadly my question didn’t get asked and I’m still without Kellan as my accountability partner. Thanks Summit!

Oh their way out Kristen and Rachelle stopped to sign autographs and take pictures with folks in the front row. This earned a lot of points in my KStew book as she was super nice to everyone and hung around even when someones camera ef-ed up multiple times.

Since we had all seen the movie about 8 billion times we took off for the lobby to investigate what kind of crap they were showcasing out there since they herded us like cattle on the way in…
The Edward Ken doll. After the folks manning the Barbie table told us “he even has abs like Edward” (painted on you mean?) we decided to get a closer look. Unfortunately they ripped him out of our hands when we tried to see if he was also anatomically INcorrect like our old Ken dolls. And yes he SPARKLES. *sigh*

The Hallmark table. Don’t worry ladies I put in an advance bulk order for our New Moon release party. I ordered extra cups for all the shots. When I told the lady I’d be racking up killer points on my Gold Crown Card (HOLLA!) she tripped over herself to tell me there would also be a CHRISTMAS ornament in 2010. Uh way to miss the boat guys. But don’t worry my mom will be buying that little gem.

Then we went back to the theater and proceeded to turn the screening into our very own Rocky Horror Picture show by reciting all the funny lines together OUT LOUD. Highlights? “How you likin’ da rain girl?,” the whole pre meadow scene “SAY IT! OUT LOUD!,” and of course the hospital scene which i voltuneered to act out in front of everyone. They weren’t interested. Losers.

We’d had enough of that and it was time to roll, tired, hungry, ready to pee we headed off in search of all those things and wound up at Nobu across from the convention center. And guess what happened to be outside of Nobu? Why yes, it was the bus the cast has been sited in earlier in the day. And guess who happened to be sitting a table away from us? Why yes, part of the cast! Talk about flippin’ luck! Oh and while waiting for our table we sat at the bar and who happened to come up to order with some friends? MCLOVIN! Christopher Mintz Plasse. I giggled to myself thinking about the irony of the bartender asking McLovin’ for his ID! They did not sadly.

Since we’re not those kind of people we left the cast alone to enjoy their sushi and we feasted on our own along with the best passion fruit infused sake ever! Seriously, order that! Throughout dinner the cast would get up to walk outside to smoke or use the potty and they would be followed out by HUGE bodygaurds. It was nuts. Chelsea was lucky enough to encounter Ashley in the bathroom where they primped together and talked about humidty and hair. Not a good combo in Florida according to her.

The deets: dinner folks included: Ashley, Christian, Anna, Elizabeth, Billy, Mike, Rachelle, Kellan, and some Summit PR spokeswhores. They all seemed like good friends just having a great dinner together. Oh and Mike Welch stood up half the meal leaning over the table eating sushi. He is TINY, as most actors are. We all wrapped up dinner around the same time the rest of the cast minus Ashley took off in the bus and Ashley was escorted by her body gaurds back to the hotel where we saw her again as we checked out the EW party.

Exhausted and completely OD-ed on everything Twilight we headed home with dreams of RPattz dancing in our heads with hopes that New Moon would soon be here.

All joking aside I am so glad I went and braved the craziness, no sleep, and Pattinson Pants because it was worth it. It truly was an ultimate fan experience: to hear the cast panel discuss the movie, to see exclusive clips for the first time in the same room as the cast while they saw them for the first time was really special! It was also rad to meet a bunch of other “normal” Twifans and people whomwe’ve only talked to through emails or on Twitter. You all were fabulous and I can’t wait to see you again. Is it Novemeber yet?!

115 days!

PS Big thanks and hugs to all the lovely folks I met and the totes awesome LTR/LTT gals Chelsea, VickyB, Mrs P, Rachel and Ashley and the rest! You all made the experience a billion times better!

PPS Recently we were interviewed for the Twilight Examiner by the lovely Ana Cristina of The Danger Magnet and it was posted… GO READ IT! And comment!

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